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St. Kitts

St. Kitts is an intoxicating blend of natural beauty, sunny skies, warm waters and golden-sand beaches. It is an unspoiled island, recognized around the world for the excellent preservation of its ecosystems and genuinely welcoming people. You can hike its volcanic rainforests, relax on one of its many uncrowded beaches, tour its sleepy villages or stay up late at the beach bars along the Frigate Bay Strip. Whatever your fancy, this seductively charming island has something for you.

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  • Before you leave Canada

    Entry requirements

    It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you - and any child travelling with you - have all the travel documents necessary to enter in, or transit through, each country on your itinerary. Please ensure you verify the requirements for each country as the required documents for the outbound portion of your travel may differ from those required on the return.

    Please refer to aircanada.com for complete information on travel requirements.

    For up-to-date information, please refer to aircanada.com/baggage.

    Airport check-in
    It is recommended that you present yourself at the airport counter of the airline indicated on your voucher 3 hours prior to departure. Air Canada representatives are available to assist you, or you may contact an Air Canada Vacations representative at 1-800-296-3408.

    Your arrival at destination

    Transportation from airport to hotel

    Return transfers are included with your holiday package.

    A local representative will meet your flight and assist you with ground transportation once you have gone through immigration and customs. Look for representatives from Air Canada Vacations holding red signs.

    Transfers to Nevis are included from Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport on St. Kitts. It is a 20-minute taxi ride along the southeast peninsula to Cockleshell Bay followed by a 10-minute water taxi to Cades Bay, Nevis.

    Hotel check-in

    Upon arrival at your hotel, please identify yourself at the front desk with your Air Canada Vacations voucher. You will then be assigned your accommodation. Passport must be presented upon check-in.

    Hotel check-in times may vary depending on the property but generally check-in time is 3 p.m.

    Local Air Canada Vacations office
    Air Canada Vacations is represented by Tropical Tours in St. Kitts and Nevis
    Consult the Air Canada Vacations bulletin board or binder in the hotel lobby for the representative’s schedule.  Should you require their services please call:

    Tropical Tours
    Telephone:  1 (869) 465 4039/4167
    Fax:  1 (869) 465 6400
    Email: kisco@sisterisles.kn

    Need help or assistance with your vacation and you are unable to reach our local representative?
    Contact Air Canada Vacations Customer Care:

    Long distance calls
    Telephone calls from your hotel to Canada are very expensive and service charges are high. Using a pay phone will avoid these service charges from the hotel. We would suggest you ask your family and friends to call you.

    You can ask for a doctor or a dentist through your hotel. Keep all your receipts.

    Please contact your local representative if you require assistance.

    Business hours: Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    St. Kitts and Nevis currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (E.C).  If you need to change money, you can do so at the airports or at local banks. US dollars are also widely accepted.
    Credit cards
    American Express, Travellers Cheques, Visa and MasterCard are generally honoured.
    Local transportation
    Taxi services
    Taxis are not metered, but fixed rates, in US & EC dollars, are posted at the airport and at the jetty. Note that rates are the same for 1-4 passengers. On St. Kitts the fare from the airport to the closest hotel in Basseterre is EC$38; to the farthest point, EC$95. Before setting off in a cab, be sure to clarify whether the rate quoted is in EC or U.S. dollars. There's a 50% surcharge for trips made between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
    You can call the St. Kitts Taxi Association (869-465-8487; 869-465-4253; 869-465-7818 after hours).

    Bus services
    Local transportation is available via mini-bus or taxis. Fares are available from the airport dispatchers, the Circus in Basseterre and from your hotel front desk. Note that there is a 50% surcharge between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
    Car rental

    Avis, Hertz and Thrifty car rentals all have counters at the airport.
    You must obtain a driver’s permit before you are allowed to drive in St. Kitts & Nevis, even if you have an international driver’s license. The permit costs EC$62.50 (US $24) for three months or EC$125.00 (US $45) for one year. It can be obtained from the Traffic Department, or facilitated through the rental agency.

    Remember that in St. Kitts & Nevis, driving is on the left.

    Optional excursions are a great way to enhance your Air Canada Vacations holiday. Choose from a wide variety of activities and excursions available at your destination.

    Voluntary between 10%-15% depending on the quality of service.

    Although tap water is safe to drink in your hotels, we recommend that you drink bottled water, especially when outside of your hotel.

    230 volt single phase supply. 110 volt supply is available in most hotels. Adaptors may be needed. We suggest you bring your own.

    Most stores are open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday, (until 6 p.m. on Saturday in St Kitts).  Stores in Nevis are open on Saturday until noon

    Official language is English

    Predominantly Christian faiths. There are small Rastafarian, Orthodox and other communities.

    Departure information
    The day before you leave, we recommend that you call the following number to make sure that there are no last-minute flight changes: 1 888-422-7533.

    Hotel checkout
    Hotel checkout times may vary depending on the property but generally you must vacate the room by 11 a.m.

    Duty-free shopping exemptions
    For complete information on your allowance, please refer to the Canada Border Services Agency.

    Airport check-in
    Procedures are the same as for departure from Canada.

    Customer care

    For inquiries relating to extension of stay or change or hotel changes, see your destination representative or contact Air Canada Vacations Customer Care: