Hotel El Bosque

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Meal & beverage plan
Breakfast Plan: Daily breakfast included Stay at 1, Play at 2
Guests staying at Hotel El Bosque will have full access to all services and amenities at Hotel Kohly.

Standard Room

Bed size(s): 2 3/4 beds or 1 king size bed
Room(s): Balcony or terrace, Bathroom
Air-conditioning: Yes

Room facilities
Telephone, Satellite television, Hairdryer, Safety box ($), Minibar ($)

Occupancy: 1-2 adults; 2 adults and 1 child (maximum occupancy of 3)


Calle 28 A entre 49A y 49C Reparto Kohly, , LA HAVANA Cuba - Northwest Atlantic Coast, N/A, CU
Hotel El Bosque

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