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Starting on the northern shores of New Brunswick is the province’s beloved Acadian Coast, a series of sea-facing towns where French and English are used interchangeably, and a unique culture thrives. Begin your coastal adventures in Bathurst, a warm and friendly city overlooking Chaleur Bay. Stroll along a waterfront lined with quirky shops and restaurants, before heading out into the region’s wilder side—dense forests, rushing river, and impressive waterfalls included.

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Visit Bathurst: Get Started

Planning a trip to New Brunswick? Choose from our hotels in Bathurst or book for less with Flight & Hotel packages. Hike the nearby Nepisiguit Mi'gmaq Trail, explore the Daly Point Nature Reserve, or brave a swim off Youghall Beach Park or Beresford Beach. Kids will love a stop at Andréa Confectionery for sweets, while big kids might prefer checking out 13 Barrels Brewing Company.




English & French

What to eat

Like anywhere else in New Brunswick: lobster! And seafood! And all kinds of fresh local produce from Atlantic Canada at the stalls of La Promenade Waterfront or fine dining delights at Fresco Kitchen.

What to bring back

Local crafts from Branches Pottery or Boutique D’Artisanat Chal Baie, locally brewed beers from Four Rivers Brewing Co. or 13 Barrels Brewing, and nautical-themed décor, jewellery, and apparel.

Fun Fact

Bathurst was initially named Nepisiguit by its Mi’gmaq inhabitants. You can follow the historic Mi’gmaq migration route by following the Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail that follows the Nepisiguit River from Bathurst to Mount Carleton Provincial Park. Indigenous people used to follow this trail to fish in summer by the coast and hunt inland in winter.  

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