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A tiny treasure, Cayo Santa María is one of the small islands making up the Jardines del Rey archipelago, off Cuba’s northern coast. There are no cities here, only pristine beaches, lush vegetation, a wildlife refuge and stylish resorts serving up serenity. If you tire of tranquility, a sinewy causeway leads you to the mainland for a journey to revolutionary landmarks or a taste of local culture.

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Things to do in Cayo Santa María include snorkelling or scuba diving off its coral-clad shores. Go shopping in Cayo Santa María at pueblos between resorts where you can find cigar or local craft shops. Your hotel or resort can help with Cayo Santa Maria excursions to nearby towns like Santa Clara with its revolutionary history and Che Guevara Mausoleum.





What to eat

Plantains (fried or served sweetened), Cuban-style paella, fresh fruit and beach-side barbequed meats.

What to bring back

Handmade arts and crafts from local vendors at the Pueblo La Estrella, a Cuban market between resorts, and Cuban sugar from former plantations (this region used to be a hub for sugar production).

Fun Fact

Cayo Santa Maria was completely uninhabited until the construction of a pedraplén (causeway) linking it to the nearest mainland town of Caibarién in 1989. Plus, the first hotel was only built in 2001! The small key is part of the Buenavista Biosphere Reserve, home to coral reefs, pristine beaches, coastal or mangrove forests and a diversity of native flora and fauna. 

Important Info

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