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Two cities colour the Dominican's Caribbean coast. Lovely and lively, La Romana welcomes you to nearby resorts scattered across breathtaking beaches, facing the clear-blue sea. Eastwards, seek Santo Domingo, the country's capital and bachata-blasting cultural core. Surrounding the two, tropical islands and sun-kissed shores deliver your Dominican dream: an exciting escape from the ordinary.

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Set your dream Dominican Republic all-inclusive vacation near La Romana or Santo Domingo! Look for La Romana resorts on Dominicus Beach or find golf courses near Santana Beach. Go for Santo Domingo resorts overlooking the Bay of Boca Chica, or Juan Dolio Beach. For a touch of adventure, plan Dominican Republic excursions to the secluded Isla Saona or Isla Catalina.





What to eat

Chimichurri, or Chimi, a popular Dominican beef or pork sandwich, topped with cabbage, served with salsa at food trucks and street stands, and a dessert of Bizcocho Dominicano (rich Dominican cake with meringue icing).

What to bring back

Dominican instruments used for the island’s merengue music: the güira (metal scraper) or the tambora (two-headed drum). Or items made from the dried gourds of the higüero tree!

Fun Fact

Santo Domingo is one of the oldest European-settled city in the Americas. It was founded by none other than Christopher Columbus’ brother, Bartholomew, in 1498, and the city’s colonial zone is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the presence of the New World’s first university, cathedral, castle, monastery and fortress. 

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