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Greece's largest isle is your one-stop shop for everything you’ve dreamt of experiencing while island hopping: history, gastronomy, the traditional and the contemporary… all amid a stunning scenery of mountains, olive groves, and beaches. It's easy to stray off the beaten path here, to visit the cave where Zeus was born, or mingle across fishing villages and hillside towns. Gorgeously diverse, Crete hides many treasures bound to surprise and enchant.

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Crete: Get started

Historic towns, ruins, and amazing landscapes await! Don't miss a visit to Knossos Palace, the capital of Heraklion, the Venetian harbour of charming Rethymno, and the monasteries of Agia Triada, Toplou or Preveli. For the best beaches in Crete, try the sultry shores of Elafonisi, Phalasarna or Vai. Adventurers should also try a day trip to Spinalonga! Discover our Greek island hopping packages stopping in Crete.





What to eat

Dakos (like a bruschetta, but with fresh cheese and served on rusk instead of bread), a variety of Cretan cheeses (from soft goat cheeses like tyrozouli or harder ones like graviera), fried snails, lamb (usually cooked with local vegetables and herbs), Sfakian pies (stuffed with cheese), and all the Greek classics!

What to bring back

A bottle of Cretan oil, a bottle of the popular local spirit Tsikoudia (a type of raki), mountain herbs, thyme honey, and handmade crafts like embroidered clothing or colourful ceramics.

Fun Fact

If one were to believe in myths (why not!), the island of Crete played a role in the shaping of the entire European continent! They claim that this is where Zeus was born, either in the Diktaean or Idaean caves. Later, disguised as a white bull, he kidnapped a nymph named Europa (after whom the continent is named) and brought her to Crete where she later gave birth to Minos. He created the first important civilization in Europe: the Minoans.


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