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This gem of an island, at the heart of the Cyclades, is so precious that its ancient marble core was used to create the sublime Venus de Milo and parts of The Parthenon. One of the lesser known islands in this beloved Greek archipelago, Paros charms travellers with a bustling port town and quiet villages scattered amid its mountainous terrain. Make sure to explore its historic sites and scenic beaches before you hop over to your next island adventure.

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Start your Paros adventure in the port town of Parikia! Visit its boutiques and restaurants before moving on to the village of Naoussa. Other top Paros attractions? The beaches! Swim off Monastiri Beach or scenic Kolympethres and make time for the Byzantine church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani before moving on to visiting more Greek island thanks to our tour packages.






Locally grown olives and cheeses from local farmers like mizithra, gouna (sun-dried and grilled mackerel), octopus, baked chickpeas, karavalas (Greek snails), kakavia (fish soup) and sweets like Petimezinia (pumpkin pie!).


A bottle of Paros wine or a bottle of souma (traditional drink made from figs), local produce like capers, olive oil or honey, handmade ceramics or a piece of carved marble from Paros and breezy Greek island fashion.


Paros has been inhabited for millenia (since 4,000 BC!), occupied by countless civilizations like the Cretans, the Ionans, the Macedonians, the Turks and even… pirates! All these people left their mark on the island, perhaps none more so than the Romans who graced the island with one of its main attractions: the church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani, or Church of Hundred Doors, which was founded by the mother of Constantine the Great, the first emperor to convert to Christianity.


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