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Swaying between traditions of the past and an avant-garde attitude, but blessed by a sweet Mediterranean climate year-round, Valencia beckons for a journey to the coast. Spain’s third-largest city might live in the shadows of Madrid and Barcelona, but it's time to let its brilliance, reflected in the innovative architecture that define it, pierce through. Come for golden beaches and gorgeous historic districts, stay for cutting-edge culture and the best paella you’ve ever savoured by the sea.

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Valencia: Get started

Start your trip to Valencia in the old town, where you'll find top sights like Plaza de la Reina, the Valencia Cathedral, and the Miguelete Tower. Move towards the future and be blown away by the City of Arts and Sciences or the Valencia Institute of Modern Art, without missing historic landmarks like the Silk Exchange. Discover our packages and bundles to save on hotels in Valencia!




Spanish and Valencian (a dialect of Catalan)

What to eat

Paella Valenciana, hearty stews like olla de la plana (bean, vegetable and saffron stew), lots of fish freshly sourced from the sea (spotted flounder, conger, whiting, hake, sea bass, etc.) and pastries called fartons (usually served with a glass of horchata!).

What to bring back

Silk garments (silk was an important part of the city’s history!), handicrafts like colourful ceramics, Valencian rice to make paella at home, local wine, and fun, futuristic mementos from the City of Arts and Sciences.

Fun Fact

Valencia has an incredibly rich history defined by all types of celebrations and traditions. One of the most memorable might be the Fallas, an annual festival characterized by a giant bonfire, parades and fireworks. It began quite simply, in the 19th century, when carpenters burned pieces of wood to signal the arrival of spring. Today, it includes a massive rendering of the Virgin Mary composed of flowers and the burning of satiric wooden sculptures. Why not!


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