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There's more to Glasgow than meets the eye. This Scottish city might hide behind its working-class history, but surging below the surface is the country's cultural heart. Inventive architecture brightens Victorian streets, passionate performers electrify offbeat venues and unconventional art adorns stylish galleries. Glasgow isn't one to boast, but it is always ready to show you a great time.

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Going to Glasgow? Great! Things to do in Glasgow include a tour of the Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis, as well as shopping and eating in the city centre. Discover the West End for the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, and the Hogwarts-like University of Glasgow. Find Glasgow accommodation, as well as guided or non-guided tours, to kick-start your trip to Scotland!




English, Scots and Scottish Gaelic

What to eat

A full Scottish breakfast (same as the English, but with a Lorne sausage and potato scone), curry (this is the birthplace of chicken tikka masala!), and a deep-fried Mars bar.

What to bring back

An Irn Bru (Scotland’s favourite soft drink), a Celtics or Rangers jersey, albums from famous local bands (Belle and Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, etc.) and Tunnock’s tea cakes.

Fun Fact

In the city centre, a statue of the 1st Duke of Wellington, a famous military hero, wears a strange hat. It’s an orange traffic cone! The origin of this quirky tradition is uncertain—some say it started as a prank during the 1980s. City council gave up trying to take it down, because it kept coming back, turning the statue into a beloved landmark and a lasting testament to the city’s cheeky sense of humour.

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