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Get an authentic feel of modern-day Tokyo while absorbing the scent of cherry blossoms from Sakura trees in Sumida Park, or by immersing yourself in the traditional kawaii culture rooted in the Harajuku district. Cross the famously busy Shibuya Crossing and familiarize yourself with popular sites like the towering Tokyo Skytree, the Ginza shopping district, the Ghibli Museum and more.

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Visit Tokyo: Get started

In addition to its rich culture and unique architecture, Tokyo has its fair share of attractions. Start off with a visit to the Imperial Palace and learn about Japan’s Imperial Family, which is still active today. From there, see the Meiji shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken—surrounded by a breathtakingly large forest—or find yourself in the epicentre of all things anime, gaming and manga-related in Akihabara Electric Town.





What to eat

Your Tokyo trip can’t go without a taste test! Indulge in spontaneous sushi and sashimi sessions with a side of udon noodles, take up the crispy crunch of golden tempura or enjoy the smoky flavours of yakitori brochettes cooked over a grill.

What to bring back

Take souvenirs to go when you visit Tokyo! A few keepsake recommendations include handmade pottery, daruma dolls, kimono and yukata-styled clothing or a ceramic maneki-neko (lucky cat), most of which you'll find in shopping hubs like Odaiba.

Tech and gaming fans may find some great bargains in Akihabara. Fashion enthusiasts should look towards the Harajuku and Omotesando districts for the trendiest shops. Food fanatics, however, will find what they’re looking for in Ginza.

When to visit Tokyo

We recommend going during the off-season, from December to February or from June to August, when there are fewer crowds. The peak season is when the cherry blossoms bloom from March to May.

Fun Fact

While the Shibuya Crossing allows as many as 3,000 people to cross whenever the traffic signals change, it only indicates the vastness of Tokyo’s occupancy. As it turns out, it is currently the most populated metropolis in the world, housing over 37 million residents—that’s over 6,000 people per square kilometre!

The same can be said of Shinjuku Station. Dubbed the world’s busiest railway station, it hosts over 3.5 million passengers per day!


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