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On Mexico’s south-western coast, discover the delightful duo of Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. While Zihuatanejo is a friendly fishing village with new vacation-hub veneer, Ixtapa is a stylish resort town built amid a coconut grove. Both boast undeniable natural beauty bound by mountains and the shimmering Pacific Ocean. Swim, surf and sizzle in sunny spots that smoothly bundle up the best sides of Mexico.

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Set off to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo to take on two thrilling places to visit in Mexico. Go for all-inclusive resorts in Ixtapa for rest and relaxation on beaches like El Palmar. Try exciting things to do in Ixtapa, such as playing golf or taking a day trip to Zihuatanejo. Opt for the simplest option: our flight and hotel packages to Ixtapa!





What to eat

Pozoles (traditional Mexican soup), caldo de cuatete (fish stew), roasted pork, a ceviche-like dish of raw fish called tiritas and many more dishes inspired by Mexico’s indigenous people.

What to bring back

Paintings on amate (bark paper), colourful and handmade baskets, pottery or lacquered boxes, silver items and Mexican vanilla.

Fun Fact

The Guerrero state, where you’ll find Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, is home to a high density of indigenous peoples, including the Mixtecs, the Nahuas, the Amuzgos and the Tlapanecos. Indigenous cultures colour the region’s cuisine and influences the handmade crafts found in markets or beachside kiosks.

Important Info

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