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On the north coast of the Dominican Republic sits gorgeous Puerto Plata, where you’ll find no shortage of adventures to experience, authentic food to eat, and handmade souvenirs to buy. If you’re looking to combine a beachside holiday with the great outdoors, read this list of things to do in Puerto Plata.


For a heart-pumping land-based excursion, there’s no better place to start than with a visit to the 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua, where you can cliff dive and meet the local wildlife. For a view that gets your heart pumping, hike up Mount Isabel de Torres, or take the cable car, to see the coast from an impossible height.

In the mood for something more relaxing? There’s plenty of activities off the beaten path, like making your own chocolate at the Hacienda Cufa, or having a taste of some liquid gold at the Macorix House of Rum.

With so many excursions in Puerto Plata to choose from, there’s never a dull moment.
Damajagua Puerto Plata


Like many countries in the Caribbean, the most important meal of the day is lunch, which you can experience through the various international influences adopted by Dominican cuisine. Enjoy French seafood with a Caribbean kick at La Papillon or have a drink on the shore at Big Lee’s Beach Bar.

For a more authentic experience, sit down for a hearty plate of la bandera, the lunch of choice for locals, and enjoy a cup of Dominican coffee at any of Puerto Plata’s cozy cafes. Not exciting enough? Sip from a glass of Mama Juana, a spiced local spirit, and discover its unique flavours and variations for yourself.
La Bandera


The strong coastal winds of Puerto Plata have long been a draw for thrill-seekers, fishers and sailors worldwide, and now we’re introducing them to you! Embark on a catamaran cruise off the coast and go snorkelling between bites of barbecue, or catch dinner and have the crew make ceviche from your haul.

To experience something a bit more adventurous, take a quick ride to the nearby hidden gem, Kite Beach in Cabarete, and learn kiteboarding from any of the countless experts that make the coast their home. Once you’ve experienced this rush for yourself, feel free to make yourself at home on the sands and watch surfers from the shore as you tan.
Catamaran Puerto Plata


Of course, there’s no way to describe Puerto Plata without talking about its incredible nightlife! The downtown core has plenty of cigar lounges and upscale bars waiting to be transformed into dance floors, while the Malecón is covered with karaoke bars and live music for you to live your best life on the coast.

If you don’t mind taking a short trip, Sosua is home to some of the greatest DJs in the Caribbean! Whether you’re looking for something wild or mild, there’s always an adventure waiting for you from day to night.
Downtown Puerto Plata


As one of the oldest inhabited sites in the Caribbean, there’s no shortage of cultural and historical sites to visit. Start your tour of the city with a walk around the coast and see the centuries-old fortress of San Felipe that once protected Puerto Plata from pirates. Fun fact: the fortress is the oldest structure still standing in the city!

Afterwards, swing by the Dominican Amber Museum to see the world’s biggest collection of amber, as well as to learn about the history of how this gorgeous stone came to be harvested around the city. It’s also a beautiful place to find some souvenirs to take home!
Fortaleza San Felipe Puerto Plata

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