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Luxurious beachside resorts catering to your every whim, a rhythmic reggae soundtrack, a friendly people speaking in a legendary patois, and perfectly spiced dishes to delight any palate—this might be what you picture when thinking about Jamaica. But this beautiful Caribbean island hides a wealth of wonders beyond what you already know. Here’s our pick of the top 6 most amazing landscapes to discover in Jamaica!

Blue Mountains

1. Blue Mountains

The jewel of the Jamaican landscape is also the source of one of its most delicious exports. The coffee plantations that dot the lush hills of the Blue Mountains produce some of the best beans in the world. If you’re not here for a delicious hot brew, follow twisting trails through 100,000 acres of tropical woodland, home to about 800 species of native plants and 200 species of birds, and reach one of the highest peaks in the Caribbean for breathtaking views of the island.

2. Dunn’s River Falls

A popular destination for day trips and excursions, Dunn’s River Falls is one of Jamaica’s most famous natural landmarks. Composed of a set of natural limestone steps hiding beneath cascading water, the falls flow into the Caribbean Sea, gushing into beautiful lagoons along the way and streaming past a verdant rainforest. Don comfy water shoes to climb up the steps, stopping for quick dips along the way.

Dunns Falls

3. Seven Mile Beach

Of course, we had to include at least one beach. Why not make it one that’s been voted as one the top 25 beaches in the world by Trip Advisor? Negril’s Seven Mile Beach stretches out its silky sands along the lulling turquoise waves of the Caribbean. Towering palm trees, stunning views, and tons of seaside kiosks offering everything from refreshing beverages to thrilling water sports—you’ll feel like you stepped into a postcard of Jamaica.

4. Cockpit Country

Welcome to the least developed region of Jamaica, and also, it’s most biodiverse. The area is a vast limestone plateau defined by conical hills, a dense rainforest (the largest in Jamaica!), and secret sinkholes and caves caused by its unique geology. This is where you come for a completely wild adventure in Jamaica’s great outdoors or… to try and spot the largest butterfly of the Western Hemisphere, the Jamaican Swallowtail!

Rio Grande

5. Rio Grande River

Originating from somewhere at the foothills of the Blue Mountains, the rainwater-fed Rio Grande weaves its way through thick vegetation varying in shades of green. The best way to travel its choppy waters is on a long, hand-crafted bamboo raft, gliding past bamboo trees and banana groves and cutting through the jungle. Look for the exotic flora and fauna that populate its banks!

6. The Luminous Lagoon

Go with the glow! Near the small historic town of Falmouth hides another of Jamaica’s natural wonders. The aptly named Luminous Lagoon hosts a variety of bioluminescent microorganisms in its waters and they create an eerie glow when perturbed. It makes for quite a shimmering spot for a nighttime swim—the more you move around, the more the lagoon glows!

What’s next?

With your Jamaican bucket list ready, start planning where to stay! Browse our best all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica by collection: Family, or Adults-Only. Looking for the best deals? We’ve got you! Book early for future travel to save!