Travel Insurance

In a world where anything can happen, travel insurance is your ticket to safeguarding your trip. That’s why RBC Insurance® provides you with affordable coverage.

Why is travel insurance essential?

No matter where you’re travelling, here are some excellent reasons to buy travel insurance the next time you book a trip:

  • Your government health insurance plan may not cover all emergency medical expenses
  • Your credit card coverage may be limited
  • Your employee benefits plan coverage may be limited
  • You may need coverage for a range of situations

We’ve got you covered with RBC Insurance

  • 24/7 access to an international network of health care professionals and emergency assistance
  • Personal attention and a positive caring experience
  • Expert knowledge about types of coverage and the choices available to you
  • Multilingual co-ordinators who can refer you to the medical care you need
  • Pay-Assist® up-front payment on covered expenses whenever possible

Travel insurance is available online or by calling RBC Insurance at 1-866-610-7135.


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