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Martinique offers delicious French flavour, lush vegetation and the spectacular Mount Pelée volcano, which over the years has created the stunning black sand beaches on the island's north coast - a great contrast to the powder-white sands of the south.

NEW and Exclusive! Cruise from Martinique with Costa Cruises

  • Sail aboard the Costa Magica from Martinique and stop in:
  • Guadeloupe, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, Barbados and Saint Lucia1
  • OR
  • Guadeloupe, Tortola, St. Martin/St. Maarten, Antigua and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines2
  • OR
  • combine both itineraries and make it a memorable 14-night cruise experience!
  • Applicable to: Costa Cruises
  • Sailings: between January 2, 2020 and March 12, 2020

Call 1 866 529-2079 to take advantage of this offer.

Terms and conditions: Select sailing dates only. Minimum 3-night stay required. 1Sailing dates include January 2, 16 and 30, 2020, February 13 and 27, 2020 and March 12, 2020. 2Sailing dates include January 9 and 23, 2020, February 6 and 20, 2020, and March 5, 2020.

Top deals

    From Toronto to Martinique

    Nov. 17, 2019 - 7 nights
    No Meals


    Karibea Residence Camelia

    Was $1,509.00 Save 30%
    Now $1,049.00  per adult ($668.00 + $381.00) (Base fare, surcharges, fees, taxes and charges)
    T : 19343993 I : 507ab9845a2d5f1ee934b271a95e86a039616dab
    From Toronto to Martinique

    Aug. 16, 2019 - 7 nights
    No Meals


    Karibea Residence Goelette

    Was $2,359.00 Save 14%
    Now $2,019.00  per adult ($1,588.00 + $431.00) (Base fare, surcharges, fees, taxes and charges)
    T : 19338835 I : c34834cb6aed52c75200c70fe687c266dd14cc15
    From Toronto to Martinique

    Dec. 8, 2019 - 7 nights
    Breakfast Plan


    Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa

    Was $2,709.00 Save 14%
    Now $2,339.00  per adult ($1,958.00 + $381.00) (Base fare, surcharges, fees, taxes and charges)
    T : 19343963 I : 4c8d5d910b1a6855895dddfd6872508aae7f0e5e
All prices are based on two adults sharing accommodations. A supplement may apply for travellers travelling alone.
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    Hotel checkout

    Hotel checkout times may vary depending on the property but generally you must vacate the room by 12 p.m. (noon).

    Duty-free shopping

    Duty-free shops are located at the International Airport Aimé Cesaire. After an absence of 7 days or more, Canadian residents are permitted to return with a maximum of $750 CAD of merchandise per trip without paying duty. Each time you leave Canada for at least 48 hours, you are eligible to declare up to $200 CAD of merchandise. A written declaration may be requested. Each adult is allowed 1.1 litres (40 oz.) of liquor and one (1) carton of cigarettes. If you include cigarettes, tobacco sticks and loose tobacco in your personal exemption allowance, only a partial exemption will apply. You will have to pay a minimum duty on these products unless they are marked “Canada - Duty paid”. Canadian-made products sold at a duty-free shop will be marked in this way.

    Airport check-in

    Procedures are the same as for departure from Canada.

    During your holiday

    Local Air Canada Vacations office
    Air Canada Vacations is represented by Coeur Des Iles by Karukera Tours. Consult the Air Canada Vacations bulletin board or binder in the hotel lobby for the representative's schedule. Should you require their services please call: +596 596 50 93 53

    Customer care

    For inquiries relating to extension of stay or change or hotel changes, contact Air Canada Vacations Customer Care:


    You can ask for a doctor or dentist through your hotel. Keep all your receipts.


    Credit cards are accepted. ATMs can also be found all over the island. Interac debit cards can be used in ATMs.


    The currency in Martinique is the Euro whose value is quoted in the business section of major newspapers.

    Long distance calls

    Martinique has modern communication facilities: telephones, fax machines, Internet, and WiFi. For phoning, there are international connections, cell phones, and many telephone booths in towns and urban centres. All telephone numbers in Martinique have 10 digits, beginning with 0596 for land-line phones and 0696 for cell phones.

    To call abroad from Martinique, dial the code for international calls (001), then the country code, and then the phone number.

    To call Martinique from abroad, dial the code for international calls (011 from Canada), followed by the country code (596), then 596 (or 696 for cell phones), and then the rest of the phone number. Note that the «0 » is dropped from 0596 and 0696 when calling from abroad.

    Credit cards

    International credit cards are widely honoured.


    With exquisite and diverse craftworks, madras, pottery, wickerwork and rum, you will be able to shop for unforgettable gifts and souvenirs. Martinique has the reputation of offering a Parisian shopping experience at the heart of the Caribbean, so you are bound to find exactly what you were looking for.

    Local transportation

    Rental cars, taxis and buses are easily accessible.

    Car rental

    Driving is on the right side of the road, like in the U.S. A valid driver's license is needed to rent a car. Minimum age is 21. Most car rental companies in Fort-de-France are open 8 a.m. to noon or 12:30 p.m., and 2:30 until 5 or 5:30 p.m. on weekdays, and from 8 a.m. to noon or 1 p.m. on Saturdays. At International Airport Aimé Césaire, hours depend on international flight schedules. Rates can begin as low as 35€ a day or 215€ a week, including taxes, insurance and unlimited mileage. Major credit cards are accepted.


    Optional excursions are a great way to enhance your Air Canada Vacations holiday. Choose from a wide variety of activities and excursions available at your destination.


    All taxes are included in the prices in Martinique. Tipping is at client’s discretion.


    Tap water is safe to drink.


    Local power is 220 volts, a/c, 50 cycles. We suggest that you bring your converter and electrical adapter (120 volts).


    French and Creole. English is spoken in tourist areas.


    Two Catholic cathedrals and a large number of parish churches illustrate the importance of Catholicism on the island. However, many religious communities also have their place here, including the Adventist Church and Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Time zone

    GMT -4 hours