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Everyone knows a thing or two about the Land Down Under: wild and rugged, laid-back and friendly, polished, but always adventurous. In reality, Australia defies every expectation, bursting with wildlife, imbued with a proud Aboriginal heritage, and surrounded with the bluest of waters where hide one of our planet’s greatest natural wonders. It might take awhile to get there, but it’ll take a lifetime to ever forget it.

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Australia is home to sights and sounds suited for all travellers. City slickers won't want to miss Sydney and its harbour, Melbourne and its foodie scene, or lively Brisbane. Adventurers should head to Pink Lake in Western Australia, explore the Australian outback, or check off diving around the Great Barrier Reef from their bucket lists. Choose from our packages for hotels in Australia and start your adventure.





What to eat

Australian cuisine: a mix of seafood, native ingredients from the bush, and Asian influences! Try wild foods like lemon myrtle, Kakadu plum, and wattleseed, meats like lamb and beef, anything served at a barbeque, and hearty pub food or fine dining in the many world-class restaurants across Sydney or Melbourne.

What to bring back

Coffee from coffee-obsessed Melbourne, Australian wine or craft beers, Vegemite, an Akubra hat, a cricket bat (it’s the national sport!), Aboriginal arts and crafts, or give a little back by looking into local initiatives or wildlife tours created to help restore the land after the bush fires of 2019-2020.

Fun Fact

We all know how absolutely adorable kangaroos and koalas are, but here are a few more wild species to look out for in Australia: wombats, echidnas (like a spiky anteater), quokkas (known as the world’s happiest animal!), Tasmanian devils, the laughing kookaburra, the world’s smallest penguin, and many more on land, at sea, or across the sky.

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