Good news: We’re keeping it in the family! The all-new and improved Aeroplan experience lets you sign in to Air Canada Vacations using your Aeroplan account. Find out more in our FAQ!

How do I earn Aeroplan® Miles?

You can earn Miles on a flight-inclusive vacation package or flight and cruise package.

  • Earn Aeroplan Miles on your Air Canada or Air Canada Rouge flight
  • Earn Bonus Miles on select packages. Register to earn your bonus Aeroplan Miles.

Don't forget to enter your Aeroplan number at time of booking in order to earn Aeroplan Miles.


How do I earn my bonus Aeroplan Miles?

Have you booked a vacation package eligible for bonus Miles? To activate this offer, complete the required form.


How do I redeem Aeroplan Miles to book my vacation?

You can book your vacation by redeeming Miles for a vacation package, hotel only, tours and cruises*.

  • Sign in with your Aeroplan account
  • Once signed in, search for your destination. You can redeem Miles for vacations in Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Orlando*.
  • Select the number of Miles you would like to redeem from the drop-down menu at the left of your search results. 
  • Start shopping for your next vacation!

*To redeem your Aeroplan miles for a booking in any other destination or for a cruise, please contact our Reservations Department at 1 866-529-2079. Please note that your Miles will be deducted once you complete your purchase.

Redemption Levels for Aeroplan

Mexico & the Caribbean

5,000 $50
10,000 $100
25,000 $250
50,000 $500
100,000 $1,000
150,000 $1,500
200,000 $2,000
300,000 $3,000
400,000 $4,000
500,000 $5,000

Cruise Vacations

10,000 $100
25,000 $250
100,000 $1,000

Subject to change without notice. Aeroplan Miles will be awarded once travel has been completed. For terms and conditions of the Aeroplan program, consult

Learn more about the simple, convenient and secure new way to access Air Canada Vacations, Air Canada and Aeroplan with one centralized account. 

Why is Air Canada Vacations changing the way I access my Aeroplan account?

We are changing the way our customers access their accounts for a number of reasons. Firstly, we want to enhance the security of your account. Secondly, we want to make it more convenient for you by allowing you to use the same credentials to sign into multiple Air Canada Vacations, Air Canada and Aeroplan channels. 

Is this change due to a result of my account being compromised?

No. We are being proactive by improving the security and privacy of our customers’ accounts while also making things as convenient as possible for you. 

What happens to my former Air Canada Vacations account? 

Your former Air Canada Vacations account is now discontinued and replaced with this centralized Aeroplan account. You will enjoy the same benefits as before (fast and easy check-out, ability to manage or update traveller info and bookings, etc.), with the addition of now earning or redeeming Miles with select bookings, plus the smooth and easy access to all Air Canada Vacations, Air Canada and Aeroplan channels. 

Can I redeem my Aeroplan Miles directly on the Air Canada Vacations website now?

Yes, you will be able to sign in and view the balance of your Aeroplan Miles and redeem Miles for a vacation package on the Air Canada Vacations website. Please note that online Aeroplan redemption is currently only available for bookings to the Caribbean, Mexico, Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles and Hawaii. If you are interested in redeeming your Miles to book cruises and other vacation options, please contact us at 1 866-529-2079.

Why can I now sign in with my email address, as well as my Aeroplan number?

To increase the convenience of signing into your account, we are now offering customers the ability to use the email address associated with their Aeroplan account, in addition to their Aeroplan number.

Can the same login credentials be used for all Air Canada Vacations, Air Canada and Aeroplan channels?

You can use the same login credentials for most Air Canada Vacations, Air Canada and Aeroplan channels, but not all. The channels where the same login credentials can be used are: 

Do I need an email address to have an Aeroplan account? 

You need to have a valid, unique email address in order to access your Aeroplan account online. Every Aeroplan member, including minors, needs to have a unique email associated with their Aeroplan account. It is a requirement for the new customer login system Air Canada Vacations, Air Canada and Aeroplan are introducing. 

I am unable to sign in after the change. How do I access my Aeroplan account? 

If you have clicked Sign In at the top right of our homepage, followed the necessary steps to access your account, but are still experiencing difficulties, please contact Aeroplan’s customer service directly at 1 800-361-5373. 

I am a travel agent. How do I access my account after the change? 

To access your travel agent account, click on Sign In at the top right of our homepage. From the drop-down menu, select Travel Agent Access and enter valid sign-in credentials in the following pop-up form. 

Does this affect my Miles balance? 

No, it does not affect the Miles in your Aeroplan account. 

If I earn or redeem Miles on any Aeroplan channel, will my new Miles balance be displayed on the Air Canada Vacations website?

If you earn or redeem Miles on any Aeroplan channel, you will not immediately see the updated amount of Miles displayed on the Air Canada Vacations website. You will need to sign out of your account on our website and sign back in to see your new balance.  Please note that when you earn Aeroplan Miles through Air Canada Vacations, your Miles are awarded after your travel has completed. 

Why is there a “max. redeemable value” displayed? 

The maximum redeemable value is the value in dollars of the Aeroplan Miles you are currently able to redeem for your next booking. 

Can I still view my booking history with Air Canada Vacations? 

Yes, your new centralized account will still allow you to view your bookings, manage your preferences, update your traveller info and add travellers to your profile. However, you will not be able to retrieve the booking history associated to your former Air Canada Vacations account. Moving forward, you will only be able to retrieve the booking history of this new, centralized account. 

You may retrieve details of past bookings made with your old Air Canada Vacations account by contacting us at 1 866-529-2079. You will need the reservation numbers of these bookings.  

Is this change to my account related to the launch of Air Canada’s new loyalty program? 

No, this change was done to enhance security and make signing in easier for everyone. Air Canada’s new loyalty program is separate from this and is estimated to launch sometime in 2020. Up-to-date information on Air Canada’s new loyalty program can be found here

If I am not an Aeroplan member, can I still create an account with Air Canada Vacations?

As of February 18, all users who wish to create an account on the Air Canada Vacations website must use their Aeroplan number or the email address associated to their Aeroplan account. 

If you are currently not an Aeroplan member, simply sign up to become an Aeroplan member. Once you have your new Aeroplan number, you can return to the Air Canada vacations website and create an account. It’s that easy! 

Can I still book a vacation if I do not have or wish to have an Aeroplan account?

Yes, you can continue to book through Air Canada Vacations by completing your booking as a Guest.