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A pop of colour on the Atlantic, St. John’s shines for one of North America’s oldest cities. A harbour town brightened by candy-hued houses, Newfoundland’s capital compels you to its steep streets, where traditional tunes echo from pubs and a tipple with the locals is welcomed. Whales, icebergs and seabirds might pass by its shores, but you'll definitely want to stick around.

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Check out Newfoundland tours of top tourist attractions, like Signal Hill, the Cape Spear Lighthouse, The Rooms museum and more. Explore our travel packages that include the best St. John's, Newfoundland hotels and your flight from other Canadian cities. Opt for a car rental to get to Newfoundland spots like Gros Morne National Park and more!


St John


Officially English and French

What to eat

Fish and chips at Ches’s, a fancy meal at Raymonds (one of Canada’s best restaurants!), or a seasonal dish at Mallard Cottage, a cozy, wooden cabin located in a historic fishing hamlet.

What to bring back

A certificate from your screech-in ceremony. What’s a screech-in? It’s how you become an honourary Newfoundlander! It involves heading to a pub like Christian’s Bar, imbibing a shot of Screech (local rum), repeating some local phrases, and kissing a cod.

Fun Fact

Local lore claims that this coastal city’s colourful houses were painted in bright shades to help guide sailors and fishermen back home through the fog. Fact or fiction, what is true is that the palette now bears the official title of “The Heritage Colours of Newfoundland,” comprised of colours named Ferryland Downs or Mussels in the Corner, and so on.

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