Time travel? Experience it first-hand in Quebec City! One of North America’s first settlements makes past and present collide somewhere between the city’s old fortified walls and the trendy haunts of downtown districts. Proudly French Canadian, festive from summer to winter, this is where nature lovers, history buffs and lively locals converge–on the oldest streets of Canada.

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Pencil in the must-sees: visiting the Chateau Frontenac, exploring the Old Town and discovering the best restaurants in Quebec City. Check out impressive tourist attractions like Montmorency Falls or the Plains of Abraham. Find travel packages that include your pick of the best Quebec City hotels and flights to get you going in no time.




Officially French and English

What to eat

Fèves au lard (baked beans), tourtière (meat pie), pouding chômeur (poor man’s pudding) and local cheeses like the Alexis-de-Portneuf. Explore the Saint-Roch district for new, buzzing restaurants! 

What to bring back

Maple syrup, ice cider, traditional folk instruments like wooden spoons, souvenirs from the Carnaval of Quebec and historic books or maps.

Fun Fact

Old Quebec’s 400-year old ramparts, arched stone gates, and fortifications make this the oldest (and only) walled city in North America. Built by the French and re-fortified by the British after their victory, the fortification wall is designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and a National Historic Site of Canada.

Important Info

For more information on all necessary travel documents and more, check Air Canada’s Travel Requirements page.