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Off the beaten path in the Caribbean? It’s possible… it only takes a short boat trip from Saint Martin/Sint Maarten to reveal the secrets of Anguilla. An oasis of picturesque palm trees dotting exquisite, shimmering-white beaches that curve around quiet bays, this is a place you won’t want to share. With 5-star sanctuaries axed on total relaxation and a handful of nearby cays to escape to, you really won’t have to.

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See the best beaches in Anguilla for yourself! Swim and snorkel around Rendezvous Bay, Shoal Bay, Maundays Bay, or Meads Bay and explore the capital of The Valley for can't-miss seaside restaurants and live music venues. Plan your trip to Anguilla with all-inclusive vacation packages to this Caribbean island's top beach resorts.




Officially English and Anguillian Creole

What to eat

BBQ or jerk-style meat, curried goat, seafood like spiny lobsters, crabs and prawns, fish like mahi-mahi or grouper, callalloo (a green leaf vegetable soup) and deep-fried fritters made with sweet or savoury staples (conch or coconut?)

What to bring back

Handmade crafts like sculptures, woodworks or jewellery from local artisans (try the Devonish Art Gallery!), a bottle of Pyrat rum and records of local musicians (like the beloved Bankie Banx).

Fun Fact

Anguilla was first inhabited by a series of different indigenous tribes. One of these, the Arawak people, even believed that the planet’s first people originated from the island, more specifically, from two of the island’s caves. Named The Fountain and Big Spring caves, both are open to visitors and covered in ancient petroglyphs and carvings.

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