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Elegant, passionate, and culturally adventurous, Buenos Aires proudly flaunts its refined reputation as the “Paris of South America.” Grand European-influenced architecture flank wide, tree-lined avenues and bares notables (historic cafés) serve your cortado with a side of romantic nostalgia. Beneath its sophisticated surface, the city sizzles—like the grilled meats from local parillas and the suave steps of a seductive tango.

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A visit to Argentina's capital should comprise stops to its cultural landmarks: Teatro Colón, the MALBA (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires), and one of its 800 bookstores like Ateneo Grand Splendid. For architectural marvels, don't miss the Casa Rosada in the Plaza de Mayo, the Recoleta Cemetery, and the Palacio Barolo. Start planning by choosing our flight and hotel packages to Argentina!





What to eat

Empanadas, choripán (grilled sausage sandwich), a traditional parrillada (mixed grilled meats), dishes inspired by Argentina’s Italian heritage (from deliciously cheesy pizzas to all types of pasta), locro (meat, bean and vegetable stew) and anything with dulce de leche.

What to bring back

Argentinian wine or a bottle of Fernet, alpargata shoes (light canvas shoes made in Argentina), yerba mate tea and a mate gourd, alfajores (dulce de leche cookies), and leather goods, especially the carpincho leather favoured by the country’s gauchos (cowboys).

Fun Fact

Tango music and dance is undeniably linked to the culture and history of Argentina—it even made it to UNESCO’s World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2009! The dance was born in the underbelly of Buenos Aires in the 19th century, a product of working-class European and African descendants that was performed in seedy bars and frowned upon by the upper classes. Today, you can watch it in such swanky venues as the Teatro Astro Piazzolla, Rojo Tango or the Café de los Angelitos.

Important Info

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