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It’s time to explore South Korea, the home of K-dramas (Korean cinema) and K-Pop (Korean pop music). Take in the sparkling cityscape of capital Seoul, one of the world’s largest cities, where you can both immerse yourself in modern tech and tour Buddhist temples.

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Things to do in Seoul include sampling the city’s street food at one of the many night markets or taking in panoramic city views from atop the N Seoul Tower. Seoul also has many shopping districts, including Myeong-dong and Dongdaemun.

If you'd prefer to be surrounded by nature, Han River is not to be missed. Take a stroll along its banks, where you can also picnic and even go camping!

Or why not escape to Jeju Island for beautiful beaches, volcanic landscapes and a spa break, where you can indulge in some water therapy?

Explore our itineraries to find the best places to visit in South Korea with the help of our travel guide and guided tour packages!


South Korea - Jeju Island Cliffs.


Officially Korean, although Japanese, English and Mandarin are also widely spoken.

What to eat

Bulgogi (grilled meat and sauce), bibimbap (rice, vegetables and fried egg), ramyeon (instant noodles) or Korean BBQ, with kimchi (fermented vegetables) on the side. For dessert, green tea or red bean paste ice cream.

What to bring back

For the beauty junkie, Korean beauty products are well known for their natural ingredients and innovative formulas. Stationery lovers will appreciate some handmade paper, known as hanji – a centuries-old practice using the bark of mulberry trees. Or pick up a spoon and chopsticks set, the mostly widely used utensils in South Korea.

When to visit South Korea

We recommend going during the off-season, during the winter months from December to March, when there are fewer crowds. The peak season is from April to June and September to November.

Fun Fact

Spanning 1.14 km and featuring 380 jets of water, Banpo Rainbow Fountain – installed along the Banpodaegyo bridge – is the longest fountain in the world. Grab a seat in Banpo Hangang Park at sunset and wait for one of the bridge’s dazzling 20-minute coloured light shows, which run until 9:00 p.m.


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