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Swirling from the desert like a modern oasis or a mirage of a futuristic metropolis is the scintillating city of Dubai. Once upon a time, this sunbaked emirate was a small fishing village. While traditional ways still weave around mind-boggling skyscrapers, so to do ambitious ideas, like the one that inspired the world’s tallest building. Mingle with travellers from all over, indulge in high-end hotels or boutiques, and unwind beach-side in a fascinating city where worlds collide.

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Dubai: Get started

Firstly, you can't visit Dubai without stopping by the legendary Burj Khalifa! A world-class shopping destination, you'll also want to discover traditional souks or the iconic Dubai Mall. Balance out indulgence with visits to the Al Fahidi historical neighbourhood or the Jumeirah Mosque. Head off the beaten path with a desert tour or a camel tour. No matter how you choose to visit, there’s no shortage of things to do in Dubai. See these sights and more with a tour package, travel your way with a Flight & Hotel or set sail with Costa Cruises or MSC Cruises, both offering round-trip itineraries from Dubai.




Arabic (official) and the following are also commonly spoken: English, Hindi, Malayam, Urdu, Pashto, Tagalog, Persian.

What to eat

Emirati dishes like samak (fish in a spiced sauce with rice), luqaimat (sweet doughnut-like dessert), chebab (a pancake-like flatbread filled with cheese and draped with date syrup), kabsa or machboos (mixed rice dishes with meat and vegetables), but cuisine from all over the world is also represented in this international destination!

What to bring back

Spices from traditional souks, dates, camel milk chocolates (that’s right! Or just straight up camel milk!), delicious Arabic coffee, traditional Emirati clothing (like the kandoura for men or the abaya for women), and high-end fashion from the Dubai Mall.

Fun Fact

Yes, Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa at 828m) and the world’s biggest mall (Dubai Mall at 12 million square feet), but here are a few more Guinness World Records previously scored by the sizzling emirate: the highest outdoor infinity pool (at the Address Beach Resort), the largest dancing fountain show in the world (Palm Fountains) and the world’s largest flower garden (Dubai Miracle Garden).


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Dubai Tour Packages

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Showing 9 of 9 tour(s)