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A romantic getaway for two or a trip with friends can blossom into so much more with a bit of strategic planning. With adults-only hotels and resorts, leave the distractions of everyday life behind and indulge in luxury living, fine dining and rejuvenating exercises together.

Discover endless possibilities today with the help of our wide selection of adults-only resorts in fan-favourite sunny destinations. While you’re at it, find out what these facilities can do for each of you every step of the way.

Kid-Free Tranquility

A little bit of grown-up fun goes a long way sans kids, which is exactly what adults-only resorts are all about. The minimum age of admittance varies by resort between 18 and 21, which means that there’s nothing holding you back from having a restful vacation on your own terms.

Adult-specific amenities include endless pampering, exquisite cuisine à la carte, bar hopping and some much-needed catch up on your sleep. Whether you’re in bed or by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, you’ll soon realize that a kid-free vacation was what you needed all along.

Press Rewind on Romance

Let love take the wheel by revamping your relationship with an all-inclusive holiday made for two. By picking an adults-only hotel or resort, pay homage to your story together by commitment to getting in touch with each other, starting with a refresh of all five senses.

From romantic dinners to sultry spa days, playback all the reasons you both fell in sync with each other whilst setting the spark ablaze once more. Plus, by taking advantage of the spacious living quarters and luxury amenities made for couples, you’ll be able to share precious moments worth reminiscing about long after your vacation ends. 

Put Your Money on Privacy

Clear your mind by clearing your schedule of all responsibilities and the “rest” will follow. Whether you’re traveling with a friend, family or a partner, you deserve quality time by yourself, which is what an adults-only resort can offer you!

Replenish your social battery by going on a scenic adventure under the sun offered by facilitators at your resort and get to know your newfound environment. Or, if you prefer a refreshing cleanse, dive underwater and get to know what lurks beneath the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

Access to All-Inclusive Fun 

Don’t push unlimited fun under the rug. At an adults-only all-inclusive resort, you’re signing up for more than just a temporary pitstop with a bed and breakfast. The world is your oyster, so get to sipping drinks by the pool, playing all kinds of water sports by the coastal waters and soaking up sunshine by the beach.

From the Riviera Maya to Montego Bay, all-inclusive activities can make your vacation even more memorable. Give it all a try, be it exclusive access to the pool, fitness centers, hiking trails and more. 

Mingle and Make Friends

When on vacation at an adults-only hotspot, you’re bound to make a few connections. Finding your escape from the hecticness of everyday life can be easier with the help of a few friends, so why not use these moments to get to know one another?

A great way to get acquainted starts with participation in activities that motivate positive reinforcement in one another. Learn about your location on a guided tour with a group, snorkel with divers under the sea while on the lookout for schools of fish or go on a biking trail with fellow cyclists.

What’s next?

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