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First-Timer’s Guide to Turks and Caicos

What to do on Turks and Caicos Islands

Travelling to Turks and Caicos Islands? While most resorts are located on the main island of Providenciales, the country actually consists of about 100 islands and cays to explore. Here’s our breakdown of the top ones to visit and why.

Popular Providenciales

Island bites

As the most populated island, Providenciales doesn’t skimp on dining options, from seafood shacks (try anything conch-based or locally caught snapper and grouper) to upscale restaurants in luxury resorts. The island is also home to the only brewery in Turks and Caicos: Turk’s Head Brewery.

Water thrills

Jet skiing or learning how to sail around the island, parasailing above Grace Bay Beach, kayaking to nearby Mangrove Cay and kiteboarding off Long Bay Beach—this is the island where sea-bound playtime is at its peak.

National parks

Explore Providenciales’ protected areas! On the north shore, the Princess Alexandra National Park contains beloved Grace Bay Beach, but also the snorkelling spots of Bight Reef and Smith’s Reef. Over on the south-west side, Chalk Sound National Park protects a secluded turquoise lagoon bordered by rocky, limestone coast.
Snorkelling in Turks & Caicos

Historic Grand Turk

History hub

Home to the capital of Cockburn Town, Grand Turk hosts the most historic landmarks. These include Grand Turk Lighthouse, the Turks and Caicos National Museum, the former colonial prison (Her Majesty’s Prison) and British colonialist architecture scattered across town.

Meet the locals

Dive into the waters surrounding Grand Turk to swim among garden eels, parrotfish, blue tangs, angelfish, spotted eagle rays and more marine dwellers. Plus, between January and April, you might see (much) bigger fish gliding past the island—humpback whales make their way past Grand Turk every winter.

Salty sights

In the 18th century, Grand Turk was developed by the British to produce salt. See the remnants of the salt industry at Hawkes Nest Salina, learn about its history at The Salt House and pick up organic beauty products made with local sea salt at the museum’s gift shop.
Turks & Caicos

North, Middle & South Caicos

Tropical trek

Swap flip flops for walking shoes when you take on trails around North and Middle Caicos. Follow the Crossing Place Trail along a limestone coastline, to secluded beaches and around secret sea caves. You can also opt for a stroll around Flamingo Pond to visit its pink-feathered inhabitants.

Serenity now

All accessible by ferry from Providenciales, these islands offer up more remote beach options. We’re talking the pristine beaches of Whitby and Hollywood on North Caicos, Mudjin Harbour, Bambarra Beach and Cedar Point on Middle Caicos, and Highlands Bay, East Bay or Plandon Cay Cut Beach on South Caicos.

Caves calling

On Middle Caicos, head underground to the fascinating cave system of Conch Bar Caves, or look out for owls and herons amid the papaya trees that grow in Indian Cave. Off the southern coast of Middle Caicos, one may also find possibly the biggest blue hole in the world: the Ocean Hole.
Conch Bar Caves

Deserted Islands & Quiet Cays

West Caicos

One of the country’s uninhabited islands, West Caicos is best known for its superb diving sites protected by the West Caicos Marine National Park. Diving trips to West Caicos usually leave from Providenciales.

Parrot Cay

Simply spectacular, covered almost entirely by a jaw-dropping, paradisiac beach, there’s no wonder why Parrot Cay is a go-to for island-loving celebs. Aside from celebrity-owned private villas, the cay also has a gorgeous, luxurious resort (the COMO Parrot Cay), so you can also feel like a star seeking sun.

Island hopping

Plan a dreamy day trip to one of the smaller islands and cays for a touch of tropical adventure. Gibbs Cay invites you to swim among friendly stingrays, Little Water Cay offers sanctuary to the Turks and Caicos rock iguana and Salt Cay throws it back to that old, laid-back Caribbean lifestyle.

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