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The capital of The Bahamas, Nassau injects urban flavour to the country’s easy-going island vibe. On the island of New Providence, it decks the coast with historic structures in sorbet shades, overlooking the divine beaches you came for. Upscale resorts line shores seconds away from fine-dining bistros, or seafood shacks. Nassau offers a taste of the tropics, tinged with big-city thrills.

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Nip to Nassau for the best nightlife and restaurants in The Bahamas. Stay at all-inclusive resorts on nearby Paradise Island and its gorgeous Paradise Beach, or find Nassau hotels downtown, or on spectacular Cable Beach. Make sure to visit the Fish Fry at Arawak Cay, a village of food stands serving up local classics like conch salad and fritters. 





What to eat

Dine Nassau-style at the city’s inimitable food trucks and stalls serving up fresh seafood, tropical fruits and the traditional fish fry.

What to bring back

Tropical-flavoured jams and jellies, Junkanoo-themed art (Junkanoo is a costumed parade during the holidays) and hand-woven straw baskets or hats.

Fun Fact

Nassau…or the Republic of Pirates? That was the name pirates gave their Nassau headquarters during the so-called Golden Age of Piracy from about 1690 to 1718 when The Bahamas was home to the most pirates in the Caribbean. Learn all about this swashbuckling legacy at the Pirates of Nassau museum, or visit the forts built to defend the city against these nautical vagrants: Fort Charlotte and Fort Montagu.

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