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On the banks of the Garonne River sits the ancient Roman city of Toulouse—home today to the European space industry, as well as one of Europe’s oldest universities. By day, this magnetic metropolis charms with its Latin character, while the evenings alight with song and dance. No matter the season, Toulouse is festive year-round. Walk through the Pink City’s brick-lined streets and follow in the footsteps of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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Visit Toulouse: Get Started

Visit the capital of the Occitanic region from Canada and discover things to do in Toulouse. Take a walk along the iconic Canal du Midi and have your picture taken at the famous Pont Neuf. Discover the best day trips from Toulouse, like Toulouse to Albi, hometown of post-impressionistic painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, or Toulouse to Carcassonne, where you can visit the citadel that inspired Disney Castle. Explore our itineraries to find the best places to visit in Toulouse with the help of our travel guides and tour packages!




French and Occitan

What to eat

Regional specialties like duck (canard confit, foie gras), cassoulet (a sumptuous slow-cooked stew made with beans, sausage, and goose, spiced with garlic and other herbs), and the city’s iconic sweets: Violets de Toulouse (fresh flowers crystallized in sugar).

What to bring back

Violets are one of the city’s biggest historical exports and are made into a variety of products perfect for taking home, like liquors, candies and soaps! Souvenirs from the Cité de l'Espace museum are perfect for fans of astronomy and space travel.

Fun Fact

Toulouse was once one of Europe’s wealthiest cities, thanks to its monopoly on the pastel pigment, a blue dye derived from the woad plant. This prosperity ended when Indian indigo entered the European market, but remnants of Toulouse’s fabulous past remain in the form of its gorgeous Renaissance mansions and architecture.

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