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Centuries ago, defiant colonists snuck on a British ship to throw its tea cargo into the city’s harbour, aiding to spark a revolution that lead to independence. That city? Boston—one of the oldest in the United States. Feel that revolutionary spirit around historic sites strewn across town, or among the super fans chanting from the bleachers of the many sports shrines. Boston blends bravado with beauty.

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Follow the Freedom Trail around Boston's best attractions—the path weaves its way around revolutionary landmarks like Boston Common and Bunker Hill Monument. No Boston vacation would be complete without a sporty stop at Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox, or a day trip to Harvard University. Book one of our flight and hotel packages, including your choice of the best Boston hotels!





What to eat

Seafood (clam chowder, lobster rolls and oysters), a Fenway Frank (a hot dog from Fenway Park), baked beans (the city’s not nicknamed Beantown for nothing!) and a Boston cream pie (a chocolate-topped, custard-filled cake).

What to bring back

A Red Sox or Boston Bruins jersey or baseball cap, Harvard apparel, knick-knacks or local apparel from the Faneuil Hall Marketplace and your own tea set to throw in the harbour (available at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum!).

Fun Fact

Prepping for Boston weather? Get your cue from the sky! A weather beacon crowns the Berkeley Building, flashing different colours depending on the forecast. To crack its code, remember this rhyme: Steady blue, clear view/Flashing blue, clouds due/Steady red, rain ahead/Flashing red, snow instead. It also flashes red when a Red Sox game is cancelled because of bad weather!


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