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Incomparable history, culture, cuisine, and scenery—Greece sure has it all. But where to start? Welcome to the ultimate bucket list, here to help guide you to your dream trip to Greece.


1. The Acropolis: An ancient sanctuary dominating Athens and arguably the most important landmark of Greece and perhaps even of all western Europe.

2. Palace of Knossos: Crete’s archeological wonder, once the capital of the island’s Minoan civilization, a site believed to have first been inhabited in 7,000 BCE.

3. Monasteries of Meteora: Gorgeous, treasure-filled Byzantine monasteries scattered across gigantic granite rocks.

4. Mythical locales: From Delphi’s Sanctuary of Apollo to the remnants of Ancient Olympia and Ancient Delos near Mykonos.

5. Island architecture: Travel back in time around Rhodes’ medieval buildings and get that postcard shot of blue-domed, whitewashed houses on Santorini.

6. Man-made canal: An ancient dream realized by modern minds, the narrow Corinth Canal connects the Saronic with the Corinthian Gulf, the Ionian with the Aegean Sea, mainland Greece with the Peloponnese.

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1. History lessons: You’ve seen the sites, now learn the stories behind them at the archeological museums in Athens, Delphi, or Heraklion (on Crete).

2. Modern Greece: Catch up with the present at Athens’ Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center or at contemporary art galleries in Mykonos.

3. We love the nightlife: Island (bar) hop around spots known for their legendary nightlife: Mykonos, Ios, or Paros. But stay late enough at any Greek taverna to see how locals love to live it up.

4. Al fresco culture: Watch a play during the Athens Epidaurus Festival set in ancient stadiums or enjoy a film at one of the city’s beloved open-air cinemas.

5. Deep thinkers: Follow in the footsteps of great philosophers at Plato’s Academy or come up with your own ideas around the Ancient Agora, once the cultural heartbeat of Ancient Greece.

6. Your own epic: Explore areas made famous by the likes of Homer and Herodotus: Mycenae, Zakynthos and Ithaca.

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1. All the cheese: It’s not just about that delicious feta, but also graviera and mizithra—on their own, atop a salad, fried, or in a pie.

2. Seafood, eat it: Fresh fish, octopus, calamari… if it’s from the sea, it should be on your plate.

3. Local goods: Oil produced from grove-grown olives (mixed into a must-have Greek salad) and honey made with mountain herbs (drizzled over Greek yogurt or used to make baklava).

4. Nice to meat you: Charred, grilled, spiced chunks of meat on a skewer or slathered with tzatziki in a pita (souvlaki or gyro).

5. Get in the spirit: Start an evening or end your night with a small glass of ouzo or raki, often offered free of charge after a meal.

6. Wine down: Move over, France and Italy. Sample Greek wine from the vineyards of Santorini or Crete.

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Greek food


1. Gorge-ous: It’ll take you a day to hike down Crete’s incredible Samaria Gorge, but oh how it’ll be worth it. Keep an eye out for the local kri-kri goats!

2. Aegean blues: While you’re zipping between Greek islands, take a minute to head on deck and soak in the views of the surrounding sea.

3. Beach, please: From secret, cliff-ringed coves to jet-setting shores, it’s hard to go wrong here. Start here with this travel guide to some of our fave Greek islands.

4. Take a hike: Many islands, like Sifnos and Naxos, are criss-crossed with hiking trails taking you to quaint villages and the best coastal sites.

5. Caldera moment: Santorini is a must-see for a reason—its moon-shaped bay is actually an impressive volcanic caldera. Beyond volcanic views, Oia is one of the best spots in Greece to see a sunset.

6. Hit the open road: Greece’s rugged landscapes make it ideal for road trippin’. Drive from Athens to the hidden gems of Nafplio or Sounio, or take in the best of Crete by road, from the pink shores of Elafonisi to Spinalonga Island.

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