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Online payments and security

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Online bookings and confirmation

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Tickets & travel documents

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Online payments and security

Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Yes, we ensure the security of your credit card transaction on All of your personal information is encrypted as it travels over the internet and to our booking system. We use Secure Socket Layer protocol (SSL), which allows us to create a secure link between our servers and your browser. This ensures that your data is transmitted securely and accurately.

Does your website use cookies?

Yes. We use cookies to remember information you gave us so you don't have to re- enter it each time you visit, which helps us provide you with a better user experience.

Is my personal information kept confidential?

Air Canada Vacations’ Privacy Policy ensures that your personal information is not shared with third parties. For more information, please consult our Security & Privacy policies.

Can I pay for my vacation using more than one credit card?

Yes. Depending on your destination, you can pay with up to four credit cards when making a booking directly on our website or over the phone.

Air Canada Rouge

What is Air Canada Rouge?

Air Canada Rouge is Air Canada's leisure airline. In partnership with Air Canada Vacations, Air Canada Rouge offers charming service, good prices, reliability and comfortable travel to several destinations.

Visit Air Canada Rouge to discover how you can get the best vacation experience.

How can I book Air Canada Rouge?

Air Canada Vacations offers convenient online booking tools to help you book your vacation. Just search for the Air Canada Rouge destination of your choice and proceed to booking your vacation package or flight. Adding a connector? Don’t worry, both Air Canada flights and Air Canada Rouge flights will be shown clearly on the package details page.

Will I still be able to book a connector via Air Canada?

Yes, Air Canada Rouge offers convenient and seamless connections across Air Canada’s network via its Toronto and Montreal hubs.

Will I still be able to earn Aeroplan Miles with Air Canada Rouge?

Yes, Air Canada Rouge offers Aeroplan Miles accumulation with every flight and redemption of Aeroplan Miles for travel. Visit for details.

If I am an Elite or a Super Elite member with Air Canada, will that status be recognized with Air Canada Rouge?

Yes, your Altitude status and benefits will apply. Visit the Air Canada Altitude page for more info.

Online bookings and confirmation

Can I make a last-minute booking?

Yes, you can make bookings up to the day before departure. You will receive all necessary travel documents within an hour of booking during our business hours.

How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?

Your confirmation number will appear on the final screen once you've completed the online booking process. The same number will also be indicated in the confirmation e- mail we send you right after you book.

To see your online bookings, you can log in or do a quick search to retrieve your booking.

If I don't receive a confirmation e-mail after I make a reservation, what should I do?

If you don’t receive a confirmation e-mail, call us toll-free at 1 866 529-2079 for assistance.

Change or cancel a booking

How can I change or modify my booking?

If you wish to modify or cancel your booking, please call us toll-free at 1 866 529 -2079.

Please note that cancellation fees may apply. For more information, refer to our “Standard Cancellation Policy” section outlined in the Terms & Conditions for each destination.

Can I add passengers to my booking after it’s confirmed?

Yes, for assistance call us toll-free at 1 866 529-2079.

Tickets & travel documents

What travel documents do I need for my trip?

All travellers should visit Air Canada’s Travel Requirements page for more information on entry requirements for different destinations.

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you and any child travelling with you have all the travel documents necessary to enter in, and/or transit through, each country on your itinerary. Please ensure you verify the requirements for each country as the required documents for the outbound portion of your travel may differ from those required on the return.

How and when will I receive my tickets?

Upon receipt of full payment and all applicable fees, electronic tickets will be issued by email between 30 and 14 days prior to departure to the e-mail address provided at the time of booking. Download and print all the attachments. Present your printed electronic-ticket(s) at the airport and/or printed voucher(s) at your destination.

For reservations made 7 days or LESS prior to departure: electronic-ticket(s) will be made available within 24 to 48 hours.

If there's an issue with my ticket, what should I do?

Call us toll-free at 1 866 529-2079 or email for assistance.

If I don't receive a confirmation email after I make a reservation, what should I do?

If you don’t receive a confirmation e-mail, call us toll-free at 1 866 529-2079 or email for assistance.

Advance seat selection

How do I select my seat in advance?

After completing your booking, call us at 1 877 752-8810 to reserve your seat in advance. Please have your confirmation number handy.

For packages booked to Mexico & the Caribbean, as well as Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Orlando, you can select your seat at time of booking online.

Is there an additional cost for advance seat selection?

The price for advance seat selection varies according to seat type and destination as follows:

Economy Class

Standard Seat<:
Mexico & Caribbean: $20 per flight segment
North America: $20 per flight segment
Europe: $30 per flight segment

Preferred Seat:
Mexico & Caribbean: $50 per flight segment
North America (except Hawaii): $50 per flight segment
Hawaii: $70 per flight segment
Europe: $100 per flight segment

Example: For a consumer flying in Economy Class from Montreal to Jamaica with a connection in Toronto, there will be a cost for advance seat selection per flight segment (i.e., the Montreal to Toronto segment, the Toronto to Jamaica segment, and also for the return segments from Jamaica to Toronto and Toronto to Montreal). A trip like this would have four segments, each of which would incur a separate cost. Consumers are able to choose which segments they would like to add advance seat selection to.

Business Class
Complimentary advance seat selection for all destinations.


What is Aeroplan?

Aeroplan is Air Canada's frequent flyer program and Canada's most popular loyalty program. Over 6 million members earn Miles on flights and hotels that are redeemable toward reward travel to destinations served by Air Canada, Jazz and Star Alliance. Aeroplan Miles are awarded with every Air Canada Vacations purchase. For more information or assistance, visit

Can I earn Aeroplan Miles with my Air Canada Vacations purchases?

Yes. With the purchase of a Flight & Hotel package, travellers earn Aeroplan Miles on the Air Canada flights based on actual distance flown.

What's more, in most cases, Aeroplan Miles accumulated are also eligible for Altitude status. For more information, visit the Air Canada Altitude page.

How do I join Aeroplan?

Becoming an Aeroplan member is easy and free! Simply register at to receive your Aeroplan membership number and to start earning Miles for purchases you make with Air Canada Vacations and many other partners.

How can I redeem my Aeroplan Miles to make purchases with Air Canada Vacations?

Aeroplan Miles are redeemable on travel to over 800 destinations in 152 countries worldwide, as well as hotel stays, gift cards, brand name merchandise and much more. Get more information on how to redeem and book online.

Air Canada Vacations Gift Certificates

How do I purchase a gift certificate?

To purchase a gift certificate, go to our Gift Certificates page to fill out and submit the form. After submitting the form, you can email us at or you can wait for a member of our team to contact you within the next business day to confirm your information and proceed with payment. Once your payment is processed, your gift certificate(s) will be couriered to your home or office within 2 to 4 business days.

What are the amounts available?

Our gift certificates come in any denomination starting at $100.

Do gift certificates expire?

No. Air Canada Vacations gift certificates do not have an expiry date.

What products can I purchase with a gift certificate?

The gift certificate can be used towards any Air Canada Vacations product that is sold on, except for car rentals. Eligible products include:

  • Flight & Hotel vacation packages
  • Cruise & Flight packages
  • Cruise-only bookings
  • Hotel bookings
  • Excursions
  • Travel protection plan

Gift certificates cannot be used towards the following:

  • Booking a flight with Air Canada
  • Any other flight-related costs, such as seat selection, seat upgrades, baggage fees, and on-board purchases
  • Car rentals
  • RBC travel insurance

Can a gift certificate be used towards an Air Canada flight?

No, an Air Canada Vacations gift certificate cannot be used directly with Air Canada to book a flight. Our gift certificates can only be used to book a product (except car rentals) that is available on

If you’re looking to buy an Air Canada Gift Card for flights and flight services, visit the Air Canada Gift Card page.

How can I redeem an Air Canada Vacations gift certificate?

Gifts certificates can be redeemed through a travel agent or through our toll-free call centre at 1 866 529-2079.

What if I don't spend the total amount of a gift certificate in one booking?

If you use a portion of the gift certificate and have a remaining balance of over $100, we will reissue a new gift certificate with the remaining balance. If your remaining balance is less than $100, you will have a credit on file that can be used towards a future booking with Air Canada Vacations.

Gift certificates are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Baggage fees and information

What is the baggage allowance for a flight?

For details on baggage information, please refer to Air Canada’s Baggage Information page.

Can I travel with oversized baggage?

If you are planning on travelling with oversized baggage (including sports equipment like bicycles, surfboards, golf bags, etc.), contact Air Canada Vacations prior to departure. Oversized baggage fees charged by the airline during check-in do not include any ground transportation fees at destination. Additional fees may apply at destination.

Browser requirements

Which browsers are currently supported?

We are committed to ensuring that works with the preferred technologies of the vast majority of our customers. In order to meet this goal, we track which browsers our customers use, and how these change over time. Please be sure your internet browser is current as many older versions of these browsers do not support the latest internet technology and may make certain features unavailable.

Supported browsers: The latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari are supported.

Who should I contact if I’m having technical difficulties with the website?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with our website, check your browser or firewalls first:

  • Browsers: Using older browsers, non-compatible browsers or disabling browser features, such as Javascript, cookies and SSL, may reduce site functionality. Ensure that you are using the latest version of your preferred browser.
  • Firewalls: If you are accessing through a firewall or proxy, check your browser settings or contact your internet service provider to determine if cookies are permitted.


Can I make a last-minute cruise booking?

Yes, you can make bookings up to the day before departure.

When are final payments due?

Full payment must be made at the time of booking.

Can I add a flight to my cruise booking?

Definitely. One of our reservation agents will be happy to help you add a flight. Call us toll-free at 1 866 529-2079 for assistance.

How do I find out about prices for flights?

You can shop for a flight online or with our reservation agents who will be happy to help you. Call us toll-free at 1 866 529-2079 for assistance.

Can I choose my seat on the plane?

Of course. One of our reservation agents will be happy to help you. Call us toll- free at 1 866 529-2079 for assistance. A fee may apply for advance seat selection.

Is there a meal onboard the flight?

Onboard snacks are available on most flights. Availability of hot meals depends on the destination, the length of the flight, and the cabin you’ve chosen to travel in. Please refer to Air Canada’s onboard cabins page for more information.

Are transfers included when I purchase a flight with a cruise?

Transfers are not included. Transportation from the airport to your hotel or port can often be arranged at an additional cost. Ask one of our reservation agents about transfers when you book your flight by calling us toll-free at 1 866 529-2079.

How can I find my cruise confirmation number?

You will find your cruise confirmation number on your invoice.

How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?

Once you receive your invoice, your reservation is confirmed.

How can I be sure my file is crossed-referenced with the other party I'm travelling with?

You will see details of this on your invoice and on the cruise line Passenger Immigration form on the cruise line website.

When will I receive my travel documents?

Electronic tickets will be issued 30-45 days prior to departure.

I noticed an issue with my booking. What should I do?

Call us toll-free at 1 866 529-2079 for assistance.

How can I cancel or make a change to my booking?

If you wish to modify your booking, please call us toll-free at 1 866 529-2079. For more information, refer to our “Payment, Changes and Cancellation Fees” section outlined in the CruiseTerms & Conditions . Penalties and change fees may apply.

Can I accumulate Aeroplan Miles on a cruise-only booking?

Aeroplan Miles are earned only on the flight portion of your cruise booking. Sometimes bonus Aeroplan Miles are awarded on Flight & Cruise packages as part of a specific promotion.

How do I earn and redeem Aeroplan Miles on my cruise booking?

To earn and redeem Aeroplan Miles for a Flight & Cruise package, book your cruise vacation online and then contact us with your booking information and Aeroplan number handy. Or book your Flight & Cruise package over the phone by calling us toll free at 1 866 529-2079.

During your trip

How do I book tours or activities when I am at the destination?

For trips to Canada, USA, or Europe: if you would like to add an activity or excursion to your booking, simply contact us at 1 866 529-2079 before your departure and we will add it to your booking.

For trips to Mexico & the Caribbean: if you would like to book an activity or excursion after you have arrived at your resort, please consult the Air Canada Vacations binder or bulletin board located in the lobby of your resort for a listing of all activities and tours available to you at your destination. The binder or bulletin board will also include a schedule of when and where you can meet with your Air Canada Vacations destination representative, who will be happy to assist you.

If I need assistance during my trip, what should I do?

For assistance during your trip, you can consult the Air Canada Vacations representative who is on-site at destination. To find out how to contact your Air Canada Vacations destination representative, as well as where and when they’ll be at your resort, please consult the Air Canada Vacations binder or bulletin board located in the lobby of your resort.

You can also call a customer care agent:

  • From most Sun destinations: 1 800 296-3408
  • Costa Rica: 0 800 015-0382
  • Mexico: 001 800 514-3408
  • At any destination that does not support toll-free numbers: +1 514-876-7392 (charges may apply)

Our business hours are:
Monday to Friday: 4 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET
Saturday & Sunday: 4 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET

If I am not satisfied with an aspect of my vacation, what can I do?

Any incidents that cause you distress, including injuries, service cancellation or problems, must be reported to Customer Care immediately following the event.

All claims after your travel must be addressed to Customer Relations in writing using one of our Contact Us forms.

Group travel made easy

How do I start to plan a group travel experience?

Planning can be a lot of fun! Where you go and what you do depends entirely on you. The easiest way to start is to contact one of our group travel experts toll free at 1 866 529-2079, or contact your travel agent to explore your options.

If you already have a good idea of what you’re looking for, fill out our group quote request form and one of our group travel specialists will send you a quote by email.

Can you help me organize my wedding?

We’ll be happy to help you organize the flights and accommodations for your group to celebrate your special day. And we’ll put you in contact with the resort’s wedding coordinator, who will be the best person to help you with the details of the ceremony.

What is the minimum number of people to qualify as a group? Is there a maximum?

To take advantage of all the benefits of group travel, you need to be at least 10 people (including children over 2 years old) and book a minimum of 3 hotel rooms. There is no maximum for a group size we’ve helped organize events and conventions with over 300 guests!

Can we use separate credit cards to pay for the booking?

Absolutely. Whether one person is paying for everybody or if each guest is paying for their room separately, we can accommodate payment with a single or several credit cards. Upon completing your group booking, we’ll send you a room assignment form with all of the passenger and hotel details. You can simply provide payment information on that form and send it back to us.

Can my group depart from different cities?

Of course. Air Canada Vacations offers an extensive selection of non-stop flights from Canadian cities to destinations around the world, and your group can depart from any of them, according to which is the most convenient for each of you.

Can we all take the same flight?

Yes. We have very affordable connecting flights from more than 63 cities across Canada and, based on flight availability, you can all connect to an airport and fly to your destination together.

Can we all sit together on the plane?

For groups, seat selection is available for only $10 per person, round-trip. Wedding groups of 20 passengers or more get complimentary seat selection. While we cannot guarantee that your whole group will be sitting together, we do our best to assign group seating in the same section of the plane.

Is transportation to and from the hotel included?

For most of our destinations throughout Mexico and the Caribbean, transportation is included from the airport to the resort and back. For assistance, look for the Air Canada Vacations representative wearing a red shirt and they’ll help happily you. For all our other destinations, transportation can be arranged at an additional cost.

Can we all share the same transfer to and from the hotel?

For major destinations where transfers are included in the package, passengers on the same flight will be assigned the same transfer to and from the hotel. For smaller destinations, shuttle space may be limited and group members may be assigned to different transfers. Private transfer reservations can also be arranged for an additional fee. Please inquire with your travel agent or Air Canada Vacations Groups Coordinator.

Can we have hotel rooms that are close together?

Our hotel partners do their best to find rooms that are close together, but room availability is beyond our control.

Can I book excursions and activities for the group before we leave?

Certainly. Our destination representatives throughout Mexico and the Caribbean will be glad to help you organize fun activities for everyone. For all our other destinations, please inquire with your travel agent or Air Canada Vacations Groups Coordinator.

Multi-city itineraries

What is a multi-city itinerary?

A multi-city itinerary allows you to fly to one city, and fly back from another city. For instance, with a multi-city itinerary, you can fly from Montreal to Paris, and then fly back to Montreal from London. You must always return to the same city of origin.

How do I book a multi-city itinerary?

It’s easy! To book a multi-city itinerary, just follow these steps:

  • Go to our homepage
  • Click on the "Flights" tab of our vacation search tool
  • Check off "Multi-cities"
  • Enter all pertinent data about your multi-city itinerary
  • Click Submit
  • On the Results page, you will be able to add the flights you want to your cart.
  • If you need to add a hotel in both cities or an activity to your booking, you will get the opportunity to do so once you are in the shopping cart.
  • When you’ve added all the components you need, click the "Checkout" button and follow the simple steps to complete your booking with Air Canada Vacations.

Can I combine any cities from the list of destinations?

All multi-city itineraries must begin in Canada. We offer multi-city itineraries between the following destinations:

  • between Canada and most European cities
  • between Canada and most cities in the United States

If a flight combination is not possible, the website will let you know and you can try another search.

We do not offer multi-city itineraries between the following destinations:

  • between Sun and European destinations
  • between Sun destinations
  • between European destinations
  • between destinations in Asia and the South Pacific

Can I book flights within Europe and the Unites States?

Air Canada Vacations does not offer flights between cities in Europe or between cities in the United States. Car rentals and rail travel (Europe only) are available. For rail travel, please contact us.

Can I book an all-inclusive package with a multi- city itinerary?

You cannot book an all-inclusive package using a multi-city itinerary. However, you can combine flights and hotels by using our Shopping Cart.

Shopping Cart

What is the Shopping Cart?

With our Shopping Cart, you can buy multiple products for multiple travellers all under the same booking. While making a booking, the "Travellers" screen requires that you provide all information for travellers and then assign each to the products and services you have booked.

What is traveller info?

Traveller information includes the names of all people who are travelling. The type of traveller (adult, child, senior, etc.) must be specified.

When do I use the "Add a traveller" option in this section?

The site is designed to provide enough spaces for you to enter the names of all the travellers. By default the system provides the same number of spaces as people on your booking. If you need more travellers, click on "Add a traveller" and provide the information.

How do I change somebody's name?

If you haven't completed the booking, you can simply go back to the traveller info box and change the name. If you have completed the booking, please contact us at 1 866 529-2079.

What is assigning travellers?

Assigning a traveller means choosing who will be using the products or services you have booked. For example, who will be taking the flight, who will be staying at the hotel, or who will partake in the activity.

How do I assign travellers to a product or service?

The names of the travellers (as you entered them under “Traveller info”) will appear in the dropdown menus under each product or service you have selected. Simply choose the names of the appropriate people. Be sure to make note of the type of traveller (i.e., adult, child, senior, etc.) per person.

Can I change the number of people using the products and services I have booked?

From the "Travellers" screen, you cannot change the number of people booked on each product or service. To change the number of people using a product or service you must return to your Shopping Cart (icon in the top right corner of the screen). Once in your Shopping Cart you’ll be able to modify the number of people.

Please note: To change the number of people, you may have to remove an item from your Cart and then re-add it.


What are transfers?

Transfers are transportation between the airport and your hotel at destination. Air Canada Vacations offers different types of transfers based on your destination, needs, and budget.

Will I receive a voucher for the transfer?

No. All information pertaining to your transfers will be contained in the travel documentation that you will receive after completing your booking.

Are transfers available for all destinations covered by Air Canada Vacations?

Transfers are already included in vacation packages for most of our destinations in Mexico & the Caribbean and Europe.

If transfers are not included, you can add them to your booking through our toll- free Reservations Department at 1 866 529-2079.

If transfers are not included, how do I add them to my booking?

During your booking, once in the shopping cart, our system will show you if transfers are included or not for your package. If transfers are not included, you can add them to your booking through our toll-free Reservations Department at 1 866 529- 2079.

Are transfers available for all types of bookings?

You can add a transfer when you book a package. You can also add a transfer to your Flight-only or Hotel-only booking. You cannot add a transfer to a car rental booking or an excursion booking.

Can I remove a transfer if it's already included in my package?

No, transfers that are included in your package cannot be removed.

Is there a maximum number of passengers per booking for transfers?

No, once a transfer is attached to a booking it is available for all the travellers on that booking.

If there is a problem with my transfer, who should I contact for assistance?

Please refer to your travel documentation. All transfer information, including contact information, will be contained on the voucher for your transfer. You can also reach us at 1 800 296-3408.

At what time does the airport pick-up take place?

The airport pick-up time is based on your flight's arrival time.

At what time does the hotel pick-up take place?

Your hotel pick-up time is based on your flight's departure time.

Travel insurance

Do I need to purchase travel insurance?

For travel to Cuba: as of May 1, 2010, all travellers are responsible for having emergency medical insurance when travelling to Cuba. The insurance must be purchased from the country of departure and travellers may be required to present a policy that is valid for the duration of their stay in Cuba.

For travel to all other destinations: a valid Canadian provincial health insurance card may be sufficient; however, it is strongly recommended that travellers review their out of country emergency medical coverage included with their provincial health insurance, or employee plans.

How and when can I purchase travel insurance?

Air Canada Vacations offers emergency travel medical insurance with RBC Insurance, a recognized Canadian travel insurance company in Cuba. Travel insurance can only be booked at the time of booking and prior to your departure. For more information, visit our Travel insurance page.

United States travel

Are there any special provisions I need to take when travelling to, from, via or over the U.S.?

As required under the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Secure Flight Program, Air Canada, along with other airlines, will send the TSA the following passenger information when you book a flight to, from, via or over the United States:

  • Full name as it appears on the passport (mandatory)
  • Date of birth (mandatory)
  • Gender (mandatory)
  • Redress Number (optional)

When you book your flight through Air Canada Vacations Reservations or via our website, the information will be collected at the time of booking.

Travel to the U.S. from Visa Waiver Program countries
Effective March 15, 2010, citizens from countries participating in the US Visa Waiver Program who wish to travel by air to the United States must obtain prior approval through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). For more information visit the ESTA website.