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The Bahamas has hundreds of islands and cays to explore, so why pick The Exumas? While most all-inclusive resorts in The Exumas are on Great Exuma island, the spectacular chain includes several cays and smaller isles. Here are our 5 reasons to set your next vacation here.


Admire the Caribbean in its pure, unspoiled state at the region’s first marine reserve. The Exuma Cays Land and Sea National Park prohibits fishing, which makes it amazing for divers and snorkellers to witness underwater biodiversity. Look out for angelfish, eagle rays, turtles, and more, while swimming around coral reef. On land, follow hiking trails and try to find the rare Bahamian rock iguanas.

Pro-tip: The park has a strict no-take policy, which means don’t take any shells or reefs and don’t leave anything behind so future travellers can enjoy the beauty of the protected area too.


The Exumas are famous for their wild, swimming pigs, which we already listed as one of the best 8 Things to Do in The Bahamas. For this bucket-list Caribbean excursion, you’ll want to head to Big Major Cay.

His name was Bond… James, Bond… and he loved The Exumas. Two of the film franchise’s Sean Connery entries, Thunderball and Never Say Never Again, were filmed here. Live out your own underwater spy dreams at the Thunderball Grotto near Staniel Cay where you can snorkel, swim and hopefully, not see any villains.

For more thrills, try swimming with the gentle sharks of Compass Cay! Don’t worry, they’re friendly.
Unique Adventures-Aventures uniques


If you’ve seen postcards of The Bahamas, it might have been photographs of The Exumas. The waters here are unreal, turquoise, and clear as can be. That’s why it’s a great destination for diving. Beyond the popular spots we’ve already mentioned, there’s also a famous plane wreck you can snorkel around near Norman’s Cay—locals claim it belonged to notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar.

These gorgeous waters also welcome boat enthusiasts and sailors of all stripes. The island chain has even earned the nickname “Regatta Capital of The Bahamas.” Time your trip in spring to join the annual National Family Island Regatta and check out traditional Bahamian sloop sailing. What’s a sloop? A Bahamian workboat with canvas sails and wooden hulls that were historically used for fishing and transportation between islands.
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The Exumas’ secluded location favours a laid-back island culture we love. Don’t miss a trip to the Chat ‘N’ Chill on Stocking Island for a taste of island living at its best. You can sample Bahamian cuisine—we’ve heard great things about the conch burger—and share a rum or two with locals at the beach bar. The Sunday Roast here is one of the more popular gatherings around here. Come for the chat, stay for the sunset.

To support local artisans, visit the Exuma Straw Market in George Town and stock up on handmade crafts, from handbags and baskets to jewellery and hats. The perfect sustainable souvenirs!
Exumas culture


If what you seek from a beach vacation is a little peace and quiet, then The Exumas are waiting for you. Travellers staying in Great Exuma can easily reach the beaches of Little Exuma, connected to its sister island by a small bridge. The highlight here is Tropic of Cancer beach where you can enjoy stretches of shimmering sands all to yourself.

Quiet shores also mean you can take a real break from your everyday and focus on health and wellness. Many resorts come with stellar spa facilities. Discover our Spa Collection to pamper yourself in The Exumas.

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