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Aside from stocking your pantry with the welcome smells of nutmeg and cinnamon, the spiciest island in the Caribbean offers travellers something truly rare and authentically Caribbean. From the hopping hub that is St. George’s to the kind of beaches you picture while daydreaming at work to the warmth of the locals to the island’s lush tropical interior crackling with wildlife, this volcanic island is as culturally rich as it is a singular natural wonder…and no wanderer leaves unsatiated. Ever. 
Whether you’re sauntering through sun-drenched spice plantations or weaving your way through a colourful Carnival crowd, you’ll quickly see this Caribbean spice island easily offers up experiences unlike any other.


Word to the wise: there’s tons to do and you won’t be able to do it all. So take a deep fragrant breath of spiced sea mist, and let it go. Happily, you’re holding the shortlist. Three mesmerizing islands in one, Grenada isn’t just a cultural paradise, it offers up secret sunbathing sanctuaries and snorkelling adventures over rainbow-coloured reefs around nearby Carriacou and Petite Martinique.
Those looking to recharge should note that rejuvenation comes easy here in the form of restorative spa and wellness retreats into nature or life-affirming Carnival culture tuning your soul to a soothing frequency through Caribbean rhythms.


Nirvana for the nature set, Grenada’s rich soil produces emerald blankets of tropical forest covering near-mythic mountain ranges—and they’re begging for exploration.
An elevated obstacle course in a tropical forest canopy, Grenada High Wire will get you climbing and zip-lining past the buzz of gem-coloured hummingbirds and cacophony of mona monkeys in the heart of Grand Etang National Park 800 metres above sea level. Formed from a prehistoric hilltop crater, enchantingly placid Grand Etang Lake is worth a hike and promises unforgettable rainforest vistas.
Pro-tip: there are over 15 pretty (and Instagram-worthy) waterfalls to see on the island but Annandale Falls, Concord Falls, Seven Sisters Falls, and Mount Carmel should already be on your list.


With over an acre of carefully cultivated tropical gardens showcasing floral species rarely witnessed outside its epic estate, Hyde Park in St. George’s is the spot for any amateur botanists. But Palm Tree Gardens in St. David's boasts anthuriums, bromeliads, orchids, and over 25 species of palm all overlooking the sea. It’s also home to a bit of fauna: red-footed tortoises roam the grounds.
If ornamental plants aren’t your thing, the Laura Herb & Spice Garden offers visitors something a touch more interactive. Guided tours here will have you sniffing and tasting your way through cocoa plants, island spices and fresh herbs. Heads up: if they’re ripe, mangoes can be plucked and eaten right on site. Field trip snacks, sorted.   


Divers ready? A deep dip into Moliniere Bay on the west coast of the island puts you face to fin with colourful local marine life. These waters are teeming with the likes of yellow tail snapper, seahorses, spotted eagle rays, schools of shrimp, and spiny lobster all at play among the rich reef beds. But the nearby Underwater Sculpture Park adds even more depth to these waters. The first art installation of its kind, it pays homage to Grenadian history with dozens of submerged human sculptures populating the ocean floor. 
Pro-tip: amateur or expert scuba divers and snorkellers alike should jot October Dive Fest (September 29 to October 4) into their calendars for large scale wreck dives and submerged marine sightseeing.  


Cleanse your spirit…in mud. An exfoliating and revivifying mud mask for your entire body is an easy find at River Sallee Sulphur Springs—don’t worry, they’ll help you get your back. But Clabony Hot Spring at the island’s centre is the easiest to get to and though rustic, the short hike is a small price to pay for unspoiled, and often private, spring access. 
Adventurers would do well to ask a local about the newly discovered Golden Falls, a temperate and tempting mash up of warm sulphur spring and cool waterfall in one hidden hot spot.


If you only join one celebration on this island, make it Spicemas. In a purely Grenadian expression of heritage and culture, locals don the livery of motley-coloured characters like Vieux Corps, Jab Jab, and Shortknee to perform a steelpan and calypso-driven dance parade unique to this lush island's spicy shores. A proper feast for the eyes—and the spirit—it is not to be missed.
Pro-tip: Carnival season kicks off May 4, but Spicemas happens in full Grenadian glory this August 12 & 13!



Tucked into the soothing sands of Pink Gin Beach, this couples-only resort blends together three vacation villages, each with a distinct charm. Melt stress at the signature Red Lane® Spa, satiate yourself at 10 eateries and 6 bars, or play all day with tons of activities by shore or sea.


A recipient of the coveted AAA Five Diamond Award, this luxury, family-friendly hideaway sits on the unparallelled beauty of Grand Anse Beach. Golf lovers should note that top shelf greens are a birdy away while beginner and amateur yogis alike will happily salute the open-air beachside yoga studio.


Tucked away in Tamarind Bay on the cusp of two sugar-white beaches, Royalton Grenada is poised to offer their signature All-In Luxury® and In-Suite Wellness in the form of rain showers, two-person soaker tubs and handcrafted DreamBed™ mattresses. Recharging between day trips into paradise here is easy.

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