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Our commitment to safer travel

Rest and relaxation should be your only focus while on vacation. That's why, to make your safety our only priority, we’ve introduced new health and safety standards. The following preventive measures ensure that you stay safe while on your way to your hotel or resort in Mexico, the Caribbean, South and Central America.

To find out the safety measures implemented before and during your flight with Air Canada, read about their Air Canada CleanCare+ program and their Service offering changes.

Welcome at the airport

Right when you arrive at your destination, we want to offer a warm welcome that puts your safety first. This includes mandatory face coverings for the on-site representatives greeting you and the application of social distancing measures.

1 Your Air Canada Vacations representative greets you, wearing a face covering with other optional PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) items available such as gloves.
2 Our representative verifies your booking information to confirm your identity, destination, and which transfer you should board.
3 For your safety, you are assigned a boarding group and Air Canada Vacations will do the utmost to stagger boarding and maintain social distancing.


Before each transfer and after each overnight, the vehicle and all its high-touch areas are cleaned and sanitized with alcohol-based disinfectant products. Mandatory face coverings for all employees and travellers provide protection and safety for all.

1 For your safety, all travellers are required to wear face coverings before boarding the vehicle.
2 Complimentary hand sanitizer will be available before boarding and travellers will be required to sanitize their hands before entering the vehicle.

On board

As we continue to keep you safe on board, your Air Canada Vacations representative will walk you through important information on your upcoming stay.

1 The vehicle’s windows are thoroughly sanitized with an alcohol-based disinfectant to let you admire the landscape.
2 For improved safety, our transportation partners will be following local government-approved health and safety protocols.
3 All seats, including armrests, seat belts and seat belt buckles on the vehicle are sanitized with an alcohol-based disinfectant so you can relax on your journey.
4 The overhead storage compartments are also sanitized to make sure your bags stay clean.
5 Before departure, our representative will share important information regarding your upcoming stay.
6 The drivers of each transfer vehicle are required to wear PPE items, including face coverings and gloves.

Arrival at the hotel or resort

Once you have arrived at your destination, our representatives will continue to prioritize your safety by wearing face coverings and other PPE items when handling your luggage.

1 Wearing face coverings and gloves, our representative will handle all luggage and place them somewhere secure in front of the hotel or resort, where travellers can safely pick them up while maintaining a safe social distance.
2 If travellers require assistance during their stay, they will be able to contact our representatives by phone or mobile messaging apps. Contact information will be provided during the on-board briefing.

The health and safety protocols outlined above are in place throughout your journey and on the resort. If you'd like to explore beyond your resort during your stay, make sure to learn about local protocols, as these may differ from Canadian standards. By staying in the know, you can make well-informed decisions that help you make the most of your adventures and excursions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Air Canada Vacations implementing new health and safety standards?

As an extension of Air Canada CleanCare+, Air Canada Vacations’ program for new health and safety standards includes enhanced preventative measures to keep you safe throughout the many steps of your vacation to Mexico, the Caribbean, South and Central America, and provides you with greater peace of mind.

To learn more about Air Canada CleanCare+ and the protocols they’ve put in place for your safety during check-in, boarding and on board the flight, please click here.

How does Air Canada Vacations ensure its employees are healthy and safe?

Air Canada Vacations is 100% compliant with all Transport Canada and Public Health Agency of Canada health and safety directives, including self-isolation. Air Canada Vacations partners, including ground handlers, are compliant with the directives outlined by their local health authorities. Any employee or Air Canada Vacations representative who feels ill or experiences any COVID-19 symptoms must stay home and seek medical advice.

We also require all customer-facing employees and representatives to use Personal Protective Equipment such as face guards, masks and gloves. All employees also have access to hand sanitizer.

What is Air Canada Vacations doing to support social distancing?

After travellers make their way through airport security and recuperate their baggage, to reduce personal interactions, customers will be met by an Air Canada Vacations destination representative who will guide them to the Air Canada Vacations bus boarding station.

Travellers will be assigned an embarkation zone for their transfer to the hotel and will be required to insert their own luggage in the bus cabin. An Air Canada Vacations representative will be available to support customers requiring assistance.

Before boarding, travellers will be required to use complimentary hand sanitizer provided. Once on the bus, travellers will not be required to sit immediately adjacent to one another, unless they are travelling with a child under the age of 14 or attending to the needs of a customer requiring assistance. This policy will remain in effect until June 30, 2020.

As an additional layer of protection for everyone on board the bus, all travellers and employees are required to wear face coverings over their nose and mouth.

To ensure safe social distancing practices are being maintained, a short hotel briefing will be provided during the bus ride. Customer luggage will also be removed from the bus cabin by an Air Canada Vacations representative wearing gloves.

Does Air Canada Vacations require passengers to wear face coverings while on board hotel transfers?

For the safety and well-being of our customers and employees, we require all travellers to wear cloth coverings or masks over their mouth and nose while on the bus transfer.

Travellers must bring their own face coverings and the coverings do not need to be medical masks—any face covering including a scarf or similar item is acceptable.

While on board, travellers are required to wear their face covering at all times, except to eat and drink or, in case of an emergency.

This requirement applies to all travellers except for children under the age of 6 or customers who have a medical condition preventing them from wearing such a covering. This exemption will need to be verified and approved by Air Canada in advance through a medical certificate or Air Canada Fitness to Fly form. Click here for more details on how to submit.

Customers who are exempt from wearing a mask must provide printed documentation before boarding the bus.

What are Air Canada Vacations' grooming procedures to eliminate the virus which causes COVID-19?

With the onset of COVID-19, we expanded our existing grooming procedures on bus transfers to include the use of alcohol-based disinfectant to clean high-touch areas including seats, armrests, windows, seat belts and seat belt buckles between each transfer. Other areas of the bus, including side walls, will be wiped down with the disinfectant each time the bus is parked for the night.

What kind of safety protocols are in place at my hotel/resort?

Air Canada Vacations will continue to work with its hotel partners to ensure they are implementing the highest standards of health and safety. For more details on the safety protocols of resorts or hotels, please visit the hotel’s website directly.

Are there any programs that are temporarily unavailable at my hotel/resort?

Hotel partners must ensure they are abiding by the highest standards of health and safety. In some cases, certain activities, pools or restaurants may be temporarily unavailable.

Detailed descriptions about available amenities, faculties and services can be found on the hotel's page on our website. You may also visit the hotel's website directly to learn more about the detailed safety protocols they are putting in place during this time.

Customers who are looking to participate in certain activities which require shared equipment (e.g.: snorkelling) should consider bringing their own equipment.

What does Air Canada Vacations do if a passenger is identified as having travelled with COVID-19?

As with all communicable disease protocols, if an Air Canada Vacations customer tests positive for the virus during their stay or after having travelled, Air Canada Vacations is notified by the appropriate health authority or hotel medical staff. Depending on the transmission profile of the disease, we are given strict protocol as to who is required for contact tracing.

The health authorities take responsibility for contacting passengers directly and advising them of the situation. Due to privacy laws, the names cannot be disclosed to anyone other than the public health authority.

What travel restrictions and safety protocols can I expect when travelling?

Travel restrictions and mandatory safety protocols may be in place at certain destinations, on flights, and at airports, hotels and on cruise ships. The availability of services and facilities may be impacted. As well, you may be required to pay for a local insurance fee per person upon registration or entry into a country. Learn how to get informed and be prepared before your trip.

Travellers should also be aware of the biosafety measures implemented by Air Canada through their Air Canada CleanCare+ program as well as the onboard service enhancements implemented before and during their flights.

Which countries can I travel to?
Check out this interactive map to discover all the destinations you can fly to right now, across Canada and beyond.
Are there any requirements to re-enter Canada following my vacation?

Effective April 1, fully vaccinated customers no longer need to show proof of a pre-departure COVID-19 test result for air travel to Canada.

Fully vaccinated customers may still be selected for random testing on arrival but are not required to quarantine while awaiting their test result.
All customers (regardless of how long you were away from Canada) will continue to be required to submit their mandatory information on the ArriveCan app or website.

Learn more about the regulations for travellers provided by the Government of Canada.

Can I still purchase travel insurance or COVID-19 coverage if I decide to travel?

Yes, insurance is still available for purchase through various insurance providers. Travel insurance is always recommended when travelling. However, in response to COVID-19, insurance providers have, and may continue to make, changes to their policy and coverage plans. We strongly urge you to review your insurance provider's policy, benefits, and terms and conditions before purchase.