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2023 is here, and it’s got some big shoes to fill! Here’s our list, in alphabetical order, of our most dreamed-of cities, vacations, and beach escapes.

Algrave, Portugal

1. The Algarve, Portugal

The best in the west

The great thing about Portugal is that it’s beautiful all year-round, and there’s no shortage of things to do or places to see in this scenic seaside country. Go for a dip along the Algarve’s sparkling shoreline, or head inland to Lisbon where you can sample traditional dishes, tapas, and wine all day long.

2. Athens, Greece

The land of myth and honey

Greece is famous for its hundreds of islands, but there’s so much more to do than hitting the beaches of Mykonos while you’re there. Athens is not only the birthplace of democracy, but it’s also home to incredible works of art like the legendary Acropolis and Parthenon. Why not take a cruise and embark on an archipelago adventure?

3. Australia

Rekindle your wild child

Feel like getting out of your comfort zone? Head on down to the land down under in 2023, and experience some of its natural wonders for yourself, like the incredible Great Barrier Reef. Just make sure you pack reef-safe sunscreen, so you can do your part in keeping this ancient ecosystem preserved for future generations.
Costal del Sol

4. Costa del Sol, Spain

Spain’s Sunswept Coast

The Sun Coast of Spain is a favourite vacation destination for travellers worldwide, and for good reason! Spend time relaxing on one of the country’s finest beaches, or go on an excursion to visit some cave houses. For lovers of the cosmopolitan, we offer tour packages to Madrid and Barcelona, so you can experience all that these cities of history have to offer.

5. Curaçao

Seas the day

This is the year you update your old profile pictures, and there’s no better place than Curaçao to do it. Pastel-perfect shades of pinks and blues make Willemstad a picturesque destination not soon forgotten. The capital offers not-to-be-missed nightlife, while the island’s northern coast features hiking with a view of the Caribbean sea. 

6. Egypt

Sights and sites of dynastic proportions

For lovers of ancient history, there’s no better place than Egypt. Visit this land of living stories and delve into its incredible wonders of yesteryear, like the Pyramids of Giza, or the Great Sphinx. Looking for an escape to the sea? Check out some of Norwegian Cruise Line’s itineraries to help you branch out from Alexandria to Tel Aviv.
Grenade - Grenada

7. Grenada

Celebrate the spice of life

This charming sun-spiced island in the Caribbean is responsible for more than 20% of the world’s nutmeg production, so we hope you don’t mind us saying every day is pumpkin spice season here. In 2023, let the breeze carry your worries away towards the sugar-soft sands, lime-green hills, and spectacular waterfalls of Grenada.

8. Iceland

Sugar, spice and everything ice

Escape the crowds and venture off the beaten path to Iceland, where magical landscapes beyond imagination await you. Fantastical fishing villages, frigid fjords and fairytale folklore make Iceland a truly unforgettable place to visit. Get to know this gorgeous country this year with the help of our new tour itineraries.

9. Ireland

Shamrock and roll

Cross the Atlantic in 2023 and come to the Emerald Isle. Lush green fields and rugged cliffs for you to explore punctuate the landscape, while cosmopolitanism is the way of the world in Dublin and Belfast. Whether you’ve come for the cities or the scenery, let our tour packages help you get the best out of any visit.
Londres - London

10. London, United Kingdom

Can’t be Thamed

Museums, monarchs, and magnificence await in this city of ages. The National Gallery and the British Museum are obvious stops, but we all know the real draw of London is its West End, where you can experience some of the stage’s finest songs and stories. Want to get all you can out of the city? Our tour packages will make sure you don’t miss a thing.

11. Los Angeles

Magic happens here

L.A. is home to some of our favourite movie studios, but can you believe there’s even more than meets the eye to this coastal metropolis? Take a drive outside city limits and get a sense of how they live on the coast in places like Huntington Beach, or the lush and sophisticated hideaway of Palm Springs.

12. Maui, Hawaii

Valley Isle Adventures

There’s a reason why sun worshippers from around the world flock to Hawaii, but it’s not all beaches and luaus. Sanctuaries like the Waikamoi Preserve, or whale watching in the bay make Maui a must-see for nature lovers. Plus, the year-round sunny weather ensures you’ll have good vibes only no matter what time of year you choose to visit.

13. Nevada

Venture beyond the lights

Everyone knows about the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, but there’s so much more than what’s on the Strip. The nearby Grand Canyon promises spectacular views fitting its status as one of the Wonders of the World, while the Hoover Dam is sure to awe with its art deco design. Check out this list of day trips from Las Vegas for some more inspiration.

14. Nova Scotia

Donair today, gone tomorrow

For a weekend trip for the family that’s not too far from home, our recommendation goes to Nova Scotia. Hiking paths in Cape Breton offer ample opportunities for you to reconnect with nature, while the freshest seafood in Canada makes Halifax a city you’ll want to stay in. Make sure you indulge in one of their legendary donairs!

15. Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Better living with nature

Leave the suburbs and the cities and step into the lush and vibrant Okanagan Valley, where you can really connect with the land around you. During the summer and fall, wine season in Kelowna hits full swing for you to enjoy, while the winter months are ideal for hitting the slopes. Beautiful British Columbia offers adventure year-round.
Riviera Nayarit

16. Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

Ride to the Romantic Zone

Not sure where you want to spend the colder months? Come and take a look at the forested peaks and sunswept sands of Riviera Nayarit. Once you’re done basking in the glory of nature, head into the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico’s most welcoming, where travellers of all kinds are more than welcome to relax.

17. Samaná, Dominican Republic

A whale of a good time

From January to March, the jade waters of Samaná are crowded by thousands of humpback whales looking to start or raise their families. Ring in the New Year the right way with an unforgettable display of nature’s miracles. Intrigued? Check out more of Samaná’s best activities here so you can get the best out of your vacation.

18. Venice, Italy

Where the waterways roam

This coming year marks the 2023 edition of the Venice Architecture Biennale, so it’s the perfect opportunity to bask in the glory of the city’s Grand Canal. Once you’re done admiring the local sights, go on a day trip to the nearby Murano & Burano Islands where you can see glass-blowing masters at work.


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