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Oh 2022, will you make our dream vacations come true? Here’s our list, in alphabetical order, of where we hope to spend next year’s adventures, beach vacations and city escapes.
Alaska cruises

1. Alaska

Cruise to an untamed northern wilderness.

In 2022, we want to explore Alaska by sea, aboard cruises to the most beautiful corners of this frozen land. Not to miss: the Gold Rush-era architecture of Skagway, the once-Russian city of Sitka, the incomparable Hubbard, Endicott Arm and Dawes glaciers, and every icy marvel lining the coastal route down Alaska’s Inside Passage. Check out Princess Cruises’ itineraries to plan your Alaskan voyage!

2. Antigua

365 beaches for every day of the new year.

Unsure where to escape the cold this year? Meet Antigua, an off-the-beaten-path Caribbean island east of Jamaica that promises tons of beach real estate, without the crowds. Even if you manage to make it to every beach on the island, more await on Barbuda, Antigua’s equally gorgeous sister island.

3. Alberta

Mountains of adventure, year-round.

Welcome to Canada’s natural playground. Whether you’re looking for a winter wonderland or outdoor summer thrills, Alberta does it all. Between Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper, this western province is home to some of our country’s greatest landscapes and this is the year to reach new summits around the best of ‘em.
Alentejo, Portugal

4. Alentejo, Portugal

A hidden gem of a region to discover.

We all know and love the scintillating beaches of the Algarve and endless vineyards of the Douro Valley, but now we want to check off the secret must-sees of Portugal’s Alentejo region. Time travel in charming Évora or medieval Marvao, unwind next to the Alqueva lake, or swim off one of the region’s many beaches, like Odeceixe and Zambujeira.

5. Atlantic Canada

For breezy beaches in our own backyard.

Farewell Atlantic bubble, hello Maritimes adventure! We’ve missed the pastoral scenery of Nova Scotia, the unique rock formations of New Brunswick, the windswept coastal cliffs of Newfoundland, and the friendly towns of Prince Edward Island. Don’t miss Quebec’s own Atlantic destination: the serene Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

6. Barbados

Bajan hospitality, tropical bliss.

In 2021, Barbados said goodbye to the British monarchy to welcome independence (and Rihanna as a national hero). In 2022, this warm and beautiful Caribbean republic hopes to be part of your vacation plans. Why? Because it’s absolutely stunning, bursting with culture, history and delicious cuisine, a proponent of sustainable tourism and… the birthplace of rum.

7. The Bahamas

An archipelago to see once in your lifetime.

If we’re being honest, every year is a good year to check off The Bahamas from your bucket list. Picture the most exciting tropical beach cliché and that’s what it looks like here: sugar-white sands, electric-blue waters, and a climate that caresses all worries away. Plus, with our direct flights to bustling Nassau, we make it easier than ever to see it for yourself.

8. California

Superstar good looks by the sea.

If you’re like us, the last few years have made your vacation needs more varied than ever. We want to experience it all… and the Golden State makes it a cinch to do so. Sprawling wine valleys (Napa & Sonoma)? Coastal cultural hub (San Francisco)? Hot and glamorous city (Los Angeles)? Disneyland (Anaheim)? California, here you come!

9. Costa del Sol, Spain

The sunniest side of Spain.

It’s always sunny in Spain, or so you’d think while wandering along the Costa del Sol. If your mood board for 2022 is leaning towards fabulous beaches laced with European culture and charm, this is the shoreline for you, dotted with stylish resorts and historical sites and imbued with the fiery spirit of Andalusia. Sign us up!
Costa del Sol

10. Egypt

A land of legends & a dream-like coast.

From incredible man-made wonders (the Pyramids of Giza!) to one of the best diving spots in the entire world (the Red Sea!), Egypt is unequalled as a destination that leaves you in awe at every corner. In 2022, our new tour packages can bring you to the best of this unforgettable country defined by thousand years of history. Stay tuned!

11. Greek islands

To explore beyond Mykonos & Santorini.

Greece is blessed by hundreds of idyllic islands, yet only a handful remain favoured by travellers. Expand your horizons in the historical villages of Rhodes, sample some of the best food in Greece all over mountainous and beautiful Crete (and explore its secret beaches!) or leave the Cyclades behind to visit the Ionian Islands of Zakynthos and Kefalonia.

12. Hawaii

Volcanic islands of cinematic proportions.

Looking to leave the everyday behind? Imagine life in Hawaii, lulled by a soothing soundtrack of ocean waves and ukulele songs, surrounded by lush tropics. There’s no place like the Aloha State, whether you’re staying on the bustling island of Oahu (home to Honolulu), feeling romantic on Maui or going on an adventure on the Big Island.
Island of Hawaii

13. Iceland

Magical landscapes worthy of a fantasy novel.

If you’re looking to escape the crowds across wide expanses of some of the most unique landscapes in the world, Iceland is the place to be. 2022 will see the return of our tour packages to this spectacular destination. We’re talking colourful fishing villages, geysers, glaciers, lagoons, fjords, volcanic peaks, and a friendly people who may or may not still believe in elves.

14. London, United Kingdom

A historic reign worth celebrating.

70 years—that’s how long Queen Elizabeth II has reigned. 2022 marks the monarchy’s very first Platinum Jubilee with a host of events throughout the year worth popping over for (or tuning in from home!). Beyond royal events, outdoor festivities keep the city a-buzz year-round and our tour packages can lead you to places beyond London, from Bath and Manchester to Stonehenge.

15. Saint Lucia

An island paradise that’ll sweep you away.

The only Caribbean island proudly named after a woman (Saint Lucy of Syracuse), Saint Lucia blends Caribbean, African, English and French cultures, is ringed by breathtaking beaches, and covered in verdant jungles all leading to two iconic volcanic spires (the Pitons). Mix all that together and what you get is the ultimate beach escape.

16. Tuscany, Italy

Savour Italy’s rustic side.

Picture yourself in an enchanting historic town, glass of wine in hand, Italian countryside stretching out ahead of you. That’s the vibe we deserve in 2022, best experienced in Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, the Chianti region, and the romantic towns of Siena and San Gimignano. Pro-tip: our Tuscan Discovery package also includes an excursion to Cinque Terre!

17. Walt Disney World, Orlando

50 years of magic, 1 jam-packed year of festivities.

There are anniversary parties, and then there’s the anniversary party for The Most Magical Place on Earth. All year, the magic is calling everyone to Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort for a celebration of their 50th anniversary. Discover what's in store during this magical 18-month event in our travel guide.

18. Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

Contender for the world’s best road trip.

Hidden beaches, rolling green hills, and historical towns—all this and more awaits when you drive the Irish coastal road known as the Wild Atlantic Way. Embrace the freedom of the open road between County Donegal and County Cork, stopping for all the wild hikes and cozy pub meals on the way.

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